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Hair Loss/8 yr old recent hair braiding - hair falling


My family recently travelled down South and my 8 year old daughter had a full head of braids done.  She had them in for 2 weeks and when we took them out this past Thursday I was shocked to see how much hair fell out.  She has thin hair to begin with and I was in total shock to see this as we have never done braids before.  I understand that the normal amount of daily hair had accumulated within the braids and fell out all at once when we took the braids out and I've come to terms with that.  What I'm concerned about is that it has now been 5 days since then and her hair is still falling.  It's not coming out in clumps or anything but is falling a lot more than normal.  This morning I counted 23 hairs on her pillow.  She has thin hair and not much of it to begin with and I don't think I'm overseeing things but it looks thinner than before.  I just want the hair to stop falling.  I'm am in panic mode at the moment and don't know what to do.

How long will her hair continue to fall?  At what point do I worry and what can I do to help strengthen her hair in the meantime.

Distressed Mom wishing we had never done braids."

Hi Diane,

You are local to where I live (or close enough).  Please provide a contact email or Ph# and I would be happy to discuss further.  If it does not resolve soon you may want to get a check up with your Dr.  Any diet changes or medications recently?


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