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I had stress hair loss like a month ago and I started shedding a lot. The shedding then stopped everywhere except the crown. Then the shedding now on the crown is not so much anymore, like 8-9 pieces of hair from the crown. But idk why when i vrush my hair up,some parts of my hair on the middlish section of my scalp looks empty. Little blotches of empty space. It looks like my hair isn't growing, or it just needs more time? The same for my crown. It looks like its not growing back. Not even a stubble.I recently been noticing a lot of split ends and hair breakage along with shedding on crown area. Is this mpb? Help ols I'm only 18

Hi Edmund,

The only way to determine for sure would be to see your Dr. or Dermatologist.  Do a Thyroid and Hormonal level test.  Also be aware that any new medications, diets or even extra stress recently can have this effect.  Provide your Dr. with all relevant facts to help deduce the possible causes.

Good Luck.

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