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Hair Loss/Hair regrowth after telogen effluvium


Hi i have telogen effluvium the cause of it was not eating enough protein
so i started eating the recommended ammount of protein and im noticing  some hair growing back and i was wondering is it a good sign that the new hair is the same thickness as the rest of my hair its also really short and ive noticed that as they grew out they also got thicker, also i dont have a receding hairline and my hairline is the exact same as when i was a kid also may dad and uncles and brother dont have any genetic hair loss either so i guess my main question is my hair should return back to normal correct? and when should it get back to its full thickness because my hair is extremely thick to begin with and to other people it dosent even look like ive lost any but i know i have?? Thanks!

Hi Richard,

It appears that you have remedied the cause and that you are on your way to regrowing the hair that weakened and even fell out.  You definitely should expect full Terminal level hair regrowth to match the rest of your hair.

Good Luck.

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