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My wife is eight-one years old and is in excellent health. She has no medical concerns as such but takes Levothyroxine 0.05 mg, Poly-iron, and century one a day vitamins. About a month ago she started losing her hair at a very rapid rate and is nearly bald on top. There have been no life style changes. What could be causing her hair loss?
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The most common type of hair loss that causes excessive shedding is telogen effluvium. However telogen effluvium causes "diffuse" shedding. The hair falls fairly evenly throughout the scalp rather in a localized area as you have indicated (top of head).
Alopecia aerata is the most common type of hair loss that causes a smooth round bald patch.
The most common type of hair loss that causes thinning on top of head in women is androgenetic alopecia.  Androgeentic alopecia is a slow and gradual process. It does not happen suddenly. It does not cause excessive shedding. The hairs in the determined area progressively become thinner and thinner, providing less scalp coverage. This can create the appearance of balding.
An episode of telogen effluvium can sometimes make androgenetic alopecia stand out more and may first become noticeable at this time.
Is the area of concern on top center of head? Is there a smooth round bald patch? Are the hairs in this area thinner in diameter than hairs elsewhere on scalp? Are there any other areas of thinning or balding? If she parts her hair done the middle, is it wider than parts along the sides? These question may help to get a better picture of what might be going on.
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