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Hi, I had a breast augmentation about 5 weeks ago and about a week ago my hair started falling out. I've also noticed that my hair seems to have stopped growing as I don't have to shave nearly as much. I've read online that the stress of a major surgery can cause this but it's usually 3 months after, TE. I don't consider this a major surgery and it's only been a month, do you think this is the cause and if so when will it stop? I haven't taken any medications related to this surgery in almost a week but most were stopped long before that. Just generic antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and pain medicine(only taken one day after).

You most likely have a telogen effluvium. In our office we treat this condition with B12 shots, 1cc, once a month for 3-4 months. This helps resolve the telogen effluvium.  This condition can resolve on its own in 6-12 months depending on the patient.

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