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Hair Loss/Thinning hair and beating it naturally?


HI John,

Can you share any known or proven methods for beating thinning hair naturally?

I am currently taking a lot of supplements like R-Lipoic Acid, Curcumin, Resveratrol, D3, K2, Quercetin, Krill Oil, Ecklonia Cava, tocotrionals etc.

I am also trialing topical magnesium - peppermint oil - rosemary oil.

It looks like I may have high iron levels, low testosterone.

My prolactin seems to be ok.

Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Mark,

It seems like you are throwing everything you can at main concern and criticism are the oils applied topically.  It is an obvious fact that one cleans the hair and scalp to remove sweat, sebum, oils and environmental pollutants that build up and contribute to clogging the pores..........I cannot believe that ANY oils are beneficial to the scalp!  Daily scalp massage and exercise will help for natural increase in blood flow to the hair cells.  I also am not a fan of using many options simultaneously, simply due to the fact that you would have no idea which ingredient or product is helping AND you have the unknown aspect of interaction of chemicals and possible changing compositions of the finished product.......???

Good Luck!

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