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Middle Part  
Hi there
I have been shedding hair for the past 2 years. It started when I went off the bcp 2 years ago, 3 months later a huge shed.... slowed down a bit but never stopped. At the same time my thyroid meds have been all over the place, changing dosage, TSH levels changing, etc. This past Feb-April my hair shed was pretty much back to normal.. some higher days some lower but well under 100. My endo put me on a very small dose of T3 (to add to my levo) end of Jan, and my TSH went from 2.8 to .91 when tested in earl April.  Last month (approx 3 months after I started t3) my hair is falling out in handfuls once again. I am 99% sure it is from the meds or the change in TSH as I do think for the past 2 years that is why I have been constantly shedding trying to find the right dosage. How long should I expect this shed to last? I am at the point where every time I touch my head even after it is just washed a few fall out... EVERYTIME!  It is driving me crazy. I have attached a photo I just took of my middle part. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

The hair growth cycle thrives on balance. Any type of change, disturbance or imbalance that the body has a difficult time coping with (or adjusting to,) can disrupt the hair growth cycle. The excessive shedding occurs approximately three months after the stressor has made its affect. It sounds like your hair loss may have originally started due to the discontinuation of birth control pills. Starting, stopping or changing birth control is a common cause of telogen effluvium.  With chronic telogen effluvium, once balance is restored the hair growth cycle should return to normal unless there are other contributing factors such as your thyroid condition or thyroid medications.
Do you know if you have Hashimoto's thyroiditis? If so, it must be treated as an autoimmune disorder.
Do you know what your iron/ferritin levels are?
Do you have any other symptoms or health conditions? Have you had your scalp/hair examined by a professional?
Although the description of you hair loss has characteristics of telogen effluvium there are other conditions that can mimic telogen effluvium. Please reply with additional information.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig

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