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Dear Mr. Nikolaou

I need to contact you again about two important subjects.  You gave such great information that benefited me that I trust you more than any other hair expert at this site.

Concerning thinning hair and growing back some new hair.  A man on youtube commented; I would add 1.55m dermaroller.  Dermarolling is proven to stimulate follicle neogenesis and activate stem cells near the dermal papillae region similar to a hair transplant for hair growth.

Do you recommend I try using a dermaroller to grow back new hair?

If you do I'm not sure how often and how long to use this for to get maximum benefits.

Also there is confusion about which brush is best for thinning hair.  For thinning, delicate,or damaged hair some web sites suggest using a soft boar bristle brush.  On youtube there was a link to this kent ladies narrow soft brush.  There were some negative reviews and this one was among the most critical.

Not useful for very thin short hair.  Brushes shape is too convex causing bristles to seem longer at center.  The brushes at perimeter do not make contact with scalp or very thin, short hair.  All bristles are quite stiff so user can inadventently damage scalp.  Brush is likely excellent for long, thick, hair.

I purchased a boar bristle brush at Walmart last week and as I was brushing my hair several hair strands have come off and I don't think this is normal.  The boar bristles feel rough.

I hope you will please also select the right hair brush for thinning, delicate, or damaged short hair.  I feel even the soft boar bristle brush is the wrong hair brush for short thinning hair after reading the reviews from the customers who bought it.

Thank you for your expert advice.

Hello Jeff,

Dermaroller- I do NOT suggest anyone use this type of invasive treatment.  You will get MORE benefit from a good scalp massage several times a day, increasing blood flow naturally without piercing the skin and risking inflammation or infection. Daily exercise also helps to this end.

Hair brushes- It is best to use brushes that are NOT too dense or hard so that they hurt or pull on your hair.  It is also recommended that you try a brush with little balls on the ends of the bristles as they will not irritate the scalp and can even help to massage the scalp while brushing.

Hope this helps.  Good Luck.

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