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Hair Loss/thinning hair and holistic treatment


QUESTION: Dear Mr. Nikolaou

I am a 46 year old male and have thinning hair.  I believe the biggest reason why my hair is very thin and fragile and I have lost hair is because of having a family member do a hair coloring treatment for my my hair using a drug store brand to cover the grey instead of having a professional hair coloring and stylist do it.  I have had this done several times over the last few years.

I have no complete bald spots but have lost hair on the top part of my head towards the rear.  About a fist size or a little larger needs to be filled with new hair.
I have seen on youtube using fresh ginger root and extracting the juice and applying to the scalp or anywhere there needs to be hair growth.
Another person suggested using a little olive oil and coconut oil with the ginger root juice. Her hair acquired body and immediately stopped seeing the scalp she could see before.

Is it better to use fresh ginger root juice along with extra virgin olive oil and argon oil of morocco than using coconut oil?

The coconut oil I bought from Walmart was LouAna coconut oil 100% pure replaces butter shortening and oils in your favorite recipes.  It was the only coconut oil they had other than a pam spray that was coconut oil.  This coconut oil is in solid form not liquid and I think this may be bad to apply to my scalp.  Maybe I should only use the argan oil of morocco which is in liquid form along with extra virgin olive oil and fresh ginger root juice.  I am not sure how much to apply of olive oil and coconut oil or argan oil to the fresh ginger root juice to mix in.  Maybe 1 teaspoon may be too much to use.  
I would like to experiment with fresh ginger root juice and olive oil and coconut oil or maybe fresh ginger root juice applied to the scalp for 20 to 25 minutes before rinsing during the day and then argan oil of morocco to apply at night and maybe leave this argan oil on my scalp overnight and rinse off in the morning.

I'm not sure how much to use and which combinations would work best
along with the fresh ginger root juice for thinning hair and to grow back some new baby hairs.

Please help.

ANSWER: Dear Jeff,

There are MANY "Natural" remedies on personal thoughts are that ALL Oils should be banned from the scalp as they tend to clog the pores and in most cases appear to increase hair loss after a week or two. Ginger root and onions are very popular as scalp paste applications but may prove a bit of a social problem due to the smell.  Daily scalp massages to increase topical blood flow are a great help as well as daily, thorough shampoos with a good clarifying shampoo,  You do not mention if you have had your Thyroid and Hormonal balance tests done?  This is crucial in determining possible contributing factors.  Good Luck.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Mr. Nikoloau for you quick response and the information you provided.
I will not use any oils on my scalp.  I have not had thyroid and hormanal balance tests done.
You mentioned about ginger root and onions are very popular as scalp paste applications.

A guy commented on youtube; extract the juice of an onion and apply it directly onto your scalp.  Use it everyday before going to sleep and leave it all night.  In morning rinse it with cold water only.  Will work for both men and women.

How do you feel about applying ginger root juice to my scalp and leave on for 25 minutes before rinsing during the day and applying the juice of a red onion to my scalp and leaving overnight before rinsing with cold water in the morning.

The lady mentioned to rinse ginger root juice off with normal temperature water.  The man says to rinse off onion juice with cold water.  I do not know which temperature of water is best to use to rinse fresh ginger root juice off my scalp or fresh onion juice off my scalp.

The last thing I need to ask you is how do you feel about using apple cider vinegar, red onion and cloves of garlic?

One man uses onion juice, clove of garlic juice and apple cider vinegar to help with his hair growth.  I know there are so many natural remedies online and combinations to use.  I hope to use only the most effective natural ingredients in the right combinations to help with my thinning hair and some new hair growth.
The lady who applied the fresh ginger root juice to her scalp with a brush, did not massage her scalp with her fingertips after the juice was applied.
I think it may be best to use a syringe or paste brush to apply the whole solution on the scalp and then do a light  circular massage using the finger tips to stimulate blood flow.
For washing hair I heard not to use circular motions as it is bad for the hair.
I switched to a sulfate free shampoo.

Thank you kindly.  I am grateful for your expert advice.

Hi Jeff,

There are thousands of "remedies"  on line.  I am NOT recommending ANY with any level of confidence in their performance.  Trying these types of remedies will not hurt but  many people swear by some of these extractions that have been used for many generations in some cases.  I would suggest that you NOT leave any extract on over night or even for periods longer than 1/2 hour or so. If you choose to only rinse off the paste, please use warm/hot water.  Cold water will not properly rinse off and has no benefit to the scalp.  Do this purely as a Trial and Error session and see if any of these Natural Remedies help you?!!

Best of Luck!  

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