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Hello sir.
Thanks for all your help in past. I had gone through severe hair loss since July 2014 till September 2015.

Doctor gave me Fincar n aldactone which I been taking since last 2 years.
I took Diane from September 2015 till February 2016.

Since last one year my hair fall stopped but I lose 12-15 hairs daily, which are 1"-4" long which means they are 2 months to 8 months old. See generally each hair grow for 3-4 years in each hair cycle n that's how it becomes long... But if my new grown hair are falling out does it mean they will never be in Anagen for 3-4 years n they will never grow long? And their life cycle is shortened?
Or after is it normal to shed new hair before it goes through proper cycle?
I m bit worried about it..

Kindly tell me can I safely take Fincar  and aldatone for life long?

I am taking highzide-z since last 2 years. Should I stop it?  Can excess zinc cause new hair to fall?

I would await your response EAGERLY...

Thanks a ton...

The medications that were prescribed to you indicate a diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia (female patterned hair loss.) Were you diagnosed with this condition? Androgenetic alopecia does not generally cause severe shedding for 14 months. It may be possible that you were experiencing an episode of telogen effluvium along with androgenetic alopecia.
Noticing 12-15 fallen hairs per day is perfectly normal.
You are correct in saying that the fallen hairs that are 1"-4" are spending a shortened time in the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. With androgenetic alopecia the affected hairs begin to spend shorter periods of time in the anagen phase. The hairs also become progressively thinner with each new growth cycle. Androgenetic alopecia only affects certain hair follicles. The area most affected is the top/center of head. With androgenic alopecia, the fallen hairs from other areas should be full length hairs.
With chronic telogen effluvium you may see many fallen hairs of shortened lengths. Hairs from all areas of the head can go into telogen stage prematurely (before they have reached their full growth potential) resulting in varied lengths of fallen hairs.
Each follicle has it's own individual growth cycle. Some follicles may have shorter anagen periods than other follicles.
I cannot answer your question about the safety of long-term use of the medications you are on. I only focus on natural remedies for female hair loss. I am not a medical doctor so I am not familiar or experienced with these types of medications. I would try to find out the long-term side effects and also implications of discontinuing.
I could not find out too much about the zinc you are taking. It looks like it is 30 mg. It is probably fine but I personally would not take that much zinc on a continual daily basis unless there was a reason for it such as a known deficiency or medical condition that warrants it. The RDA for zinc is 8mg for adult females. The upper tolerable limit is 40mg for long-term continual use. So you are above recommended daily amount but below upper tolerable limit. Certain medications deplete nutrients. I always like to find out which nutrients may be compromised by medications. According to Dr. Whitaker , folic acid, iron, vitamin C, zinc may be compromised due to aldactone use. Minerals must be balanced. Excess of one may cause deficiency of another. Zinc and copper ratios are especially important. Zinc is very important for healthy hair growth. 30mg a day may be warranted in your case. You can speak to your physical about it.
Sincerely, Melanie V

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