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QUESTION: Hello sir.
Thanks for all your help in past. I had gone through severe hair loss since July 2014 till September 2015.

Doctor gave me Fincar n aldactone which I been taking since last 2 years.
I took Diane from September 2015 till February 2016.

Since last one year my hair fall stopped but I lose 12-15 hairs daily, which are 1"-4" long which means they are 2 months to 8 months old. See generally each hair grow for 3-4 years in each hair cycle n that's how it becomes long... But if my new grown hair are falling out does it mean they will never be in Anagen for 3-4 years n they will never grow long? And their life cycle is shortened?
Or after is it normal to shed new hair before it goes through proper cycle?
I m bit worried about it..

Kindly tell me can I safely take Fincar  and aldatone for life long?

I am taking highzide-z since last 2 years. Should I stop it?  Can excess zinc cause new hair to fall?

I would await your response EAGERLY...

Thanks a ton...
My age is 40. I m a female

ANSWER: Losing short  miniaturized  hairs is usually a sign of ongoing loss of inherited AGA- Androgenetic Alopecia. They would probably fall out and not grow back even 1 inch long if it was not for the Fincar and aldactone which allows them to continue growing in what would have been their last life cycle.
 It is safe to take Fincar and Aldactone UNLESS you become pregnant and then you should stop them in the first few months of pregnancy so they do not affect a developing male fetus. You have at lest three of four months to determine if you are pregnant and stop the medication as the low DHT to the fetus is not important until the last half of pregnancy.
  I'd suggest continuing with Diane to help with prevention of ongoing AGA.  Excess zinc can accumulate in your kidney but it has not been associated with increased hair loss.

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QUESTION: Thanks sir. I have no plan to get pregnant ever as I am 40 years old and my son is 20 years old. So I can take Fincar and aldatone for ever?

Sir that means the shedding of short hair are quite alarming :(

But sir the short hair which I lose are as thick as the long hairs.

ANSWER: Yes you can take it forever and you can take Diane as well for the next ten years as well to protect the hairs from hormones which come from your ovary.

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QUESTION: Good morning sir. Sir though I am losing short new grown hair but my head is full of short hair. These short new hair are very curly and it's impossible to go for work without setting those new grown hair. So I use hot iron only on those short hair twice a week @ 140 degree Celsius...
Will it cause hair fall or will it shorten the hair cycle?


Using a flat iron will damage your hair. The temperature of 140 Celsius is within what is considered safe BUT if you do this twice a week the hair shafts will end up becoming weaker each time and will break in a few months at those weak spots when you comb or brush your hair which will leave you with hairs which will constantly be short.

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I have 30 years experience in the field of medical and surgical Hair Restoration and am Board Certified in Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery.


I have 30 years experience in the field of medical and surgical Hair Restoration and am Board Certified in Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery. More information can be found at my website

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