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QUESTION: Hi i have telogen effluvium and im on my way to fixing the issue i was really low on protein and i was wondering i get this sharp kinda painful feeling on certain parts of my scalp the first thing that comes to mind when it happens is maybe its that the hair is thick and its brekaing through the skin and making a sharp stinging feeling this also happend on the crown of my head and and not many days after i had strong thick hairs growing out of my crown i was just wondering does this always mean new hair is coming in or can it be a bad thing also? Thanks!

ANSWER: Hi Richard,

It is not unusual to have sensations when new hair is breaking through but it is usually more of an itch.  A sharp pain could be nerve endings close to the newly forming follicle or a side effect from something you may be ingesting that is making your scalp super sensitive??  Have you seen a Dermatologist about this?

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QUESTION: I havent been to a dermatologist yet i also get some itchyness too it was just a few days ago where it itches new hair is growing in that same spot that was itchy by the way i had extremely thick hair before this telogen effluvium experience not only thick hair strands but a lot of hair strands it was so thick you couldnt see through my scalp even with a buzzcut haircut, i was wondering will my hair be as thick as it used to be once things get back to normal also all my uncles are in their 50s with NO receding hairlines my brother is mid 30s with no receding hairline and my had is 56 and has NO receding hairline,and my hairline is very similar to my uncles and my dads we all have widows peaks,so im pretty sure i wont have to worry about male pattern baldness, just to give you some background. Thanks!

Hi Richard,

I believe we discussed this particular concern a little while back.  Once the Effluvium is addressed, your hair growth pattern and hair quality should be just as it was before.  If you have further concerns and/or pains you really should have a Dermatologist take a look.

Best of Luck.

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