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Hair Loss/Seborrehic dermatitis and hair loss


QUESTION: Hello Doctor,

I'm 24 years old and have been dealing with Seborreic Dermatitis for 4 years already.

Nevertheless I have noticed severe hair loss and a thining hairline since March.

I have tried mainly natural remedies , but went recently on chemical ones, I live in France so I dont know if the names will help you.

It is particulary itchy on the sides where I have lost most of my hair.

My dermatologist said its common Alopecia, but I dont belevie so, because it is always itchy before I loose some hair.

Coulod you help me?.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Juan,

I am glad to hear you are under the care and supervision of a Dermatologist.  I am a bit confused by the fact that you are losing most of your hair from the sides.....this is definitely NOT the normal pattern.  Has he done Thyroid and hormonal level tests?  What are the drugs you are currently on?  The itchiness you are feeling IS common.

Best Regards.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for you answer, perhaps I dindt explained myself correctly. Actually, im loosing hair "on the temple" not in the sides, at noticably on the right temple.

Im taking a shampoo with pirithione Zink, and Im also taking lots of supplements; All B vitamins and Saw palmetto.

I'l will also start kenatoconazole as soon as I go back to the doctor.

Thank you doctor.

ANSWER: Hello Calderon,  I am so sorry I referred to you with an incorrect name in the previous email!

It appears that your doctor treating your scalp for Fungal control.. The supplements are fine.  Did he do tests for Thyroid and Hormonal levels?  Also can you tell me if your scalp is naturally oily?  How often do you shampoo?  Thanks.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My mistake again, my name is actually Juan,

He is not, he said the itchy scalp (draindruff and Seb dermatitis) is not related to hairloss. I wash my hair everyday, but i do not consider my hair particulary oily.

Thank you again

A little tip that will help with the itching and dandruff.......make sure to double wash and rinse with hot water........the most important thing is to do a VERY thorough FINAL rinse.  Also do a scalp massage twice a day for 4-5 minutes (massage NOT rub).  This will help get much needed blood flow to the follicles.  Best of Luck.

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