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LongerHairGirl wrote at 2006-06-23 06:07:30
Doctor I feel that you are very wrong and that you need to understand the FDA better.  Hairtilizer, Hairformula, and other hair growth vitamins are dietary supplements.  FDA does not even have guidelines to approve over the counter drugs (OTCs). So are these two companies that you keep promoting paying you big money to call all OTCs scams? We need Vitamins A, B, C and you can buy them without a prescription and without FDA's approval.  So are they scams as well?  I truly believe that you are the real scam to make such a broad comment about ALL dietary drugs. Besides many studies are biased and the FDA is not perfect.They have even recalled many of the drugs they have approvved. You are like a true of false statement on a test.  When you see the word ALL mostly likely the statement is false, just like you Doctor.

jenny wrote at 2006-08-28 18:48:36
As stated by the company of hair formula 37, it is supposed to make your hair healthy and grow your hair faster, an average of 3/4 to 1 inch a month.So who ever said it was supposed to regrow hair needs hooked on phonics,because the advertisement never said regrow hair

aa wrote at 2007-04-19 13:32:49
Apparently someone has either been misinformed or did not clearly read the information provided on the official website. It clearly states that the product does NOT regrow hair. The product was formulated to promote healthy, faster hair growth. A large number of people take these vitamins supplements and experience satisfactory results. If this product doesn't work, there are a lot of consumers claiming otherwise.

twinkie wrote at 2007-12-06 01:24:43
To my understanding, just because a product is FDA approved does not make it a great product to buy/use.  There are many products out there on the market that are approved by the FDA where many people have either died or ended up in the hospital over it. My suggestion is to look and search for an all natural alternative to your hair growth, there are many sites you can search for by using google.

Shelly wrote at 2008-04-17 05:38:21
That is absolutely not fair to claim that anything NOT FDA approved is a scam. From my research on  the amino acids profile and vitamins contained within Hair formula 37 specifically,as well as other amino-acid based hair supplements(and, yes, I also worked at a naturopathic Dr.'s office for a while), I would say they definitely improve hair growth from within giving your body the optimum amount of nutrients for healthy hair. Most people are in a "negative nitrogen balance" as they call it in natural health b/c they do not have all the proper amino acids (the building blocks of protein; protein being the greatest contributor to our body weight next to water)on a daily basis. In fact amino acids are so vital to our health because protein gives all living things its structure. Even if you eat well, many different issues can impair how well amino acids are absorbed into your body such as trauma,stress,smoking,etc. And a lack of important protein can cause many of  the health issues that people believe are an inevitable part of the aging process!

To the point: Just b/c something, and in fact, ESPECIALLY if something is FDA approved- DOESN"T GUARANTEE it will work (i.e. rogaine only truly helps 1/3 of the people get the kind of growth they REALLY want), NOR does it guarantee it's long term safety. Our bodies weren't meant to handle the broad spectrum pharmaceuticals that are FDA approved because they are, in essence, putting a band-aid on a gaping chest wound by helping the symptoms but not addressing the TRUE cause which is to have the proper amount of nutrients daily to stay healthy. Buy into the corporate pharmaceutical giants if you have no faith in the power of nature and your own body and love wasting money over the course of your life. As for me, I'll stick with what has been tried and true for thousands of years spanning several cultures.And my body has been thanking me for it by hardly ever getting ill. I'm close to my mid-thirties and still feel like a teenager thanks to my own research and diligence, not because I blindly follow whatever the government "approves".

Kat wrote at 2008-11-02 11:09:25
I have been taking Formula 37 for two months and it does make my hair grow 1/5 times faster then usually. However, hair loss hasn't stopped.

Beth wrote at 2009-07-22 07:02:44
I agree with many of the posts.  Except I use Hairtilizer which has tons of amino acids (proteins).  Their product is great and you only have to take two a day until you reach your goals. I've used 37 before and Hairtilizer beats them by quality, customer service, and the simplicity of taking only two a day. Not 8-10 like others. The FDA in my opinion is not a 100% guarantee of safety but I 100% know that Hairtilizer is no different then taking a woman's daily vitamin except that it is formulated for your hair.

Wondergirl wrote at 2009-11-11 18:51:51
Hair Formula 37 is NOT a scam.  Its an all natural vitamin supplement that helps promote healthier hair growth.  Healthier hair naturally grows faster.  The reason why it is not FDA approved is because the FDA does not approve vitamins - it approves DRUGS and this product is not a drug.  Hair Formula 37 does not claim to regrow hair because it doesn't.  It provides the right nutrients for your hair to grow healthier.  It's been on the market for over 10 years now - they'd be out of business if it was a scam.  Check with the better business bureau - they have an A+ rating

Hair Formula 37 Team wrote at 2010-04-07 20:37:18
Hair Formula 37 is not a hair loss product, it will not regrow hair.  As long as the hair follicles are active, the vitamins will help your hair grow in stronger and healthier.

Hair Formula 37 is not a medication, it contains vitamins and amino acids.  These same nutrients our bodies require to produce healthier, stronger, faster growing hair!  

Mike wrote at 2014-07-14 08:37:01
Hair Formula 37 is not a drug. It is a hair vitamin. It makes no medical claims and is a wonderful product.  

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