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Hair Loss/itching scalp, shedding hair


john doe wrote at 2007-06-04 20:53:26
WOW, i'm speechless. I have been going through this too for the past year (2006-2007). As I started to read on, everything applied to me as well. I think I may have toe nail fungus as well, had very thick curly/wavy hair and now I can see my scalp.  My hair head also itches and once in a while I scratch off this sand-like stuff. One final thing is the white at the end of the hair. Right now it is still falling out. I'm only 19.

V wrote at 2007-07-24 13:21:57
Hi Michelle,

I have had the exact same condition. Somehow I've gotten ringworm of the scalp from being around children with it.  I've tried the medicine and shampoos--they only worked a little.  Eventually, I went to use tea tree oil and it helped a little more. The best thing to do is keep the scalp as clean and dry as possible, try not to scratch with your fingernails, and get on a good oral fungus medication.


AlisonF wrote at 2007-11-01 16:53:51
I have been experiencing a similar situation. I believe that you have a scalp fungus. Try Paul Micthell Tea Tree Shampoo, Kaufmann's initial phase diet. Additinally, I take achidophilous and Colostrum. If you get a dermatologist to take cultures I can bet that you have a scalp fungus. You have to watch the amount of sugar that you eat and take antifungals like Yeast Fighters.

raj wrote at 2009-07-22 07:52:48

I too suffering from almost similar probs,

consulted a ayurvedic doctor and he told me its

due to tinea versicolor infection and suggested

tinea versicolor shampoo... now its good and hair fall has stopped to large extend..

Big Wave Dave wrote at 2010-01-18 15:16:23
I read all the comments. I too had a server condition. After much research and experimenting I was able to alleviate my problem. The solution is NOT in some magic bullet (pill, shampoo, herb, etc). It actually is a combination of things. 1. the most powerful drug you can take is called food. Like aspirin, too little of a dose is worthless, too high of dose is toxic (kills you). Only at a certain range can food be therapeutic. You need to know how your body is design, what should you be eating? if your body is a type that is not meant for high carbs & sugar and that's all you feed it, guess what... you're machine starts to break down. Hair loss is only but one symptom. So first find out about your body and find out the type of fuel that is required for  your design. 2. You most likely have a fungi in your scalp, which in turns causes dandruff. Treat it with a whole mess of stuff which I can't go into detail but it is..Apple cider vinegar (get the Bragg's kind, not the trash they sell in supermarkets) + witch hazel (only use Thayer's it does not contain alcohol), distilled water, use some essential oils- rosemary, lavender, tea tree, cedar wood, thyme, sage. do the research on how to mix these ingredients (don't forget to use emulsifier to blend the stuff together). It eliminated my itchy scalp and dandruff in two days- completely. and finally 3. DO NOT under any circumstance use commercial shampoo, anything  you buy in the drug store, supermarket, hair salon, etc. is all trash. filled with toxins that get in you via skin/scalp. learn to make your own shampoo, it take a mere few minutes. again, do the research. i grew 80% of my hair back. but i did it using all 3 procedures. if you do only 2 of 3, you'll fail. the question is whether  you have the discipline and desire to get  your hair back. good luck bro.  

ty wrote at 2013-11-01 20:07:48
Experiencing the exact same thing, i think it's a systemic fungus infection. Going to get some meds and use natural remedies as will. I miss my hair, you never know what you've got till it's gone!

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