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My husband began taking minoxidil this summer. It helped a bit for the hair, but he thinks it has made his belly bloated. He has actually ben exercising and losing weight. Could the minoxidil be the problem?

Hello Susan, although I've heard of the weight gain being one of the rare side effects out of minoxidil, I do not believe in anything such that, because considering to what ingredients are used in it has no relation with muscle/weight gain in any way.
There has not been a single time, where any of my patients have claimed any weight loss after being on Minoxodil.
In my experience, there is no such thing as weight gain while being on Minoxidil. Thanks

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I have myself been a victim of Male Pattern Baldness, because of which I already have gained a lot of information regarding it, I have personally experienced baldness myself so I really feel that I can answer many of the questions that arise in one's mind.

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I myself am a candidate for Hair Restoration.

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