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Hi there, thanks for being available.  I was wondering about this transplant thing.  I see the videos on their websites.  It looks like a lot of poking & prodding to the scalp.  After all that is done, does it do any damage to the existing hair, or cause it to fall out on its own?

no, i myself have got it done, there is no effect on your hair that you already have right now, but those will fall by time leaving you with only the transplanted hair. the hair that you have now will not be affected by the transplant. I hope this answers the question.

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I can answer any type of questions which are concerned to hair restoration, my father is a surgeon himself and I myself am a candidate for Hair Restoration. I can answer any question starring from Propecia to Hair Transplant Surgeries.


I have myself been a victim of Male Pattern Baldness, because of which I already have gained a lot of information regarding it, I have personally experienced baldness myself so I really feel that I can answer many of the questions that arise in one's mind.

I study in LUHMS, a unviersity that has a very Good reputation in the city, plus my father has his own clinic too, where he performs hair surgeries.

I myself am a candidate for Hair Restoration.

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