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QUESTION: Im 20 and facing hair loss from last two months. My hair falls when i scrap my head or comb it. And the most hair fall occurs when i use shampo. Im south asian from pakistan, living in the particularly hot and dry climatic condition.
I want to know why its happening. Although i have no such inheritance problem. My father has got full hair and same is the case with my mother.
Xplain me resons? And plz also suggest me some cheap cure.
I play football as a defender and i hit lots of heads with football in the game. That could be reason. Plz xplain and suggest me the remedy.

ANSWER: as you've described, that you've got no such thing as Male Pattern Baldness in your family, there can be a number of reason of why this is happening.
Sometimes, inheritance of this can skip a generation or two, that may be a generation or two before someone like your grand mother or grand father or great grand father had this problem, and now you've been the victim of this..

or there can be another reason for the climate you're living in, as dry climate would definitely cause you to lose weight, but there is one good thing about that, there is a different between a hair being torn and a hair being shed, so if your hair fall is because of dryness, then your hair that you have lost will come back, they will grow back again.

baqi if that's real Male Pattern Baldness, then im afraid you have no other option but to use (Genesis)/(Propecia) or Minoxidil spray to help you save some hair.

and no, football playing or hitting does not have any effect on hair fall.

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QUESTION: I actually do not torn my hair, it just falll only when i comb my hair or spread my hands on my hair to set it and when i shampo my hair it falls a lot.
Moreover, what is the relation of weight loss to hair, by the way im under weight and do lot of exercise in the shape of football game daily.
Is there any oil which you can recomend to stop my weakness of hair.
I think my hair becomes very fragile and weak from last couple of months. Earlier, it was thick and heavy.
There is another symptom that i feel light headache in night. It might be due to irregular sleep timing, but headache and irregular sleeping timing can affect hair and its growth.

First of all, I would ask you to check on your diet, don't go for junk food more and have a proper time table for everything, don't intake food at random times, but instead have a good schedule for it.

Secondly, I have no proven evidence for hair fall because of TOO MUCH EXERCISING or FOOTBALLING, and neither does your weight effect your hair loss.

Thirdly, I seriously think that you're having Male Pattern Baldness, which means there is nothing you can do to stop the hair loss sadly, but you can at least slow the process down. There is a medicine called "Genesis (Finasteride)", you can take one everyday and you would notice that your hair would start to get thicker again or if not thicker you would at least be able to control your hair loss.

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