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happy wrote at 2008-03-18 23:57:00
I have had the presage haircut it is great!

 The first presage I had was awesome.  The second one I had I didn't have access to the presage hair products and my hair was not as well behaved.  The haircut looks like I had a great perm.  I have shoulder length hair

I am planning another cut for the summer but I will find the product again to ensure satifaction

Sara wrote at 2008-04-13 00:34:20
I am a hairstylist in WI and am trained to do the Presage treatment.  It really does give the hair volume texture and some curl depending on the type of hair.  For best results you would want to use the line of products that work with it.

JR wrote at 2008-05-20 21:05:09
Hello Stefanie:  Presage is available thru Presage Certified Salons, (PCS), who can offer salon clients the ability to have texture, volume, energy, wave and curl WITHOUT any chemicals.  This is accomplished using a combination of a new high technology shear and extensive salon training, (3 courses). Results vary based on the elasticity and condition of the hair and a Presage Treatment begins at $75, which includes a "Shape and Style Haircut", the "Presage Treatment, and 4 full size Presage Hair Care Products to maintain your style.  

Presage is only available thru Independent Salons and to find a salon nearest you, you can call Presage directly at 800-232-8890.

w wrote at 2008-10-14 01:12:37
I have had this  done and love it.  I have some body but it is uneven and looks dry.  I have the presage done and I have a more defined wave and more fullness.  It looks like a beige rod perm.  I had it redone after 5 months to get the fullness through the top, but the ends looked like when I first had it done.

Littlehalfwings wrote at 2013-08-31 19:54:19
I am NOT a hair professional.  I just had a Presage haircut done today and I love it!  It is like getting a really soft perm..just adds so much body and curl.  I did not have any treatment before hand just the cut.  I would definitely recommend it to you if you want to add body and light curl.  My hair is fine but thick and so quite heavy and it's also pretty long.  It actually gave ME body and even slight curl!


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