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Helper wrote at 2012-07-13 03:31:50
The argument that dirty hair causes baldness is a little odd. If this were true every homeless man would be completely bald.

Candie Kalugin wrote at 2013-01-01 23:52:27
Dirty hair does not cause baldness but it does contribute to the hair thinning and eventually ceasing to grow. Dirty and oils get trapped down in the follicles clogging them. When this begins to happen the hair has less and less room to grow out of the follicle because it is becoming clogged. Eventually the follicle will stop producing hair in that spot until the oil and dirt is removed. Removing the substances that are clogging the follicles can sometimes cause the hair follicle to start reproducing again as the follicles can lay dormant for many years but if the follicle has died there is absolutely nothing that can be done short of hair transplanting to bring the hair back. Products with biotin in them are great for removing build up and oil that may be clogging the follicle. One example would be people who wear baseball caps all the time you will notice they end up with major receding hairlines, this is due to them sweating under the cap and the sweat and oils and dirt being trapped by the cap causing the follicles to become clogged. The hair began thinning out more and more until eventually it did not grow there at all.

So no dirt does not cause balding but it most definitely does contribute to it.  


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