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Last year I received a horrible perm from a stylist who had done such a procedure on my hair several times before.  The end result was a ton of breakage that caused me to have to cut my hair ubber short for almost a year since most of the damage was at the top of the crown/bang area.  (In fact my hair felt gummy and had a chemical feel to it for months.)  I believe the problem was caused by a three-fold error on their part: (1.) zealously/vigorously washing the hair prior to rolling, something I've never encountered before (2.# too much tension on the rods and #3.# not rinsing the hair thoroughly before before neutralizing.

I live in a small town with few experienced in perming since it's no longer the rage it was years ago.  I have located a new stylist and am a tad apprehensive about approaching her for a perm.  I've learned a ton on this site just by scanning what's available here on the subject so I'd like some advice on how to discuss my concerns about receiving another potentially bad service without offending her.   My hair texture is fine but there's a lot of it and it's always taken a wave super fast.  #You have to check it constantly during processing.)  My thoughts are to ask that the bang area be rolled under to prevent too much stress, the use of stirrer sticks to keep the bands off the hair and an acid perming solution, along with a protein treatment, and rinse, rinse, rinse and blot, blot, blot, etc. But I don't want to appear as if I'm telling her how to do her job.  Frankly I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.  Any suggestions as to how to relay the information as well as additional hints to prevent another perming disaster would be most appreciated!

 You don't mention whether your hair has colour or hihglights, anything that would affect the outcome of the perm service. So I must assume that it is natural.
 The issue with your last perm had nothing to do with the shampoo. Althouhg we usually don't scrub much before a perm, that is to avoid possible irritation, but will not affect the perm itself. From the sound of it, your hair was overprocessed, which could be caused by a few things, especially if going over colour (especially high lift) or highlights.
 Insufficient rinsing is a major issue indeed. As for rolling the bang under, it won't matter either way, but will definitely make the bangs handle better for you. As for the perm itself, an acid perm would be used for previously processed or fragile hair. Otherwise you may not get sufficient curl or hold. sticks or stirrers are an excellent precaution to keep the elastics off the hair and prevent damage from that. I'm a firm believer in them. I believe in rinsing until you cannot smell any perm lotion left in the hair or feel any lotion residue when touching the hair. Tis could take as little as 3-4 minutes or as much as 10-12. Blotting is important, but not for the condition or risk of damage. As long as the hair has been properly rinsed, good blotting is needed only to be certain that the neutralizer is not diluted by excess moisture in the hair. If the blot really well as usual, then wait 10 minutes and blot again, more moisture will be removed and a better perm result given.
 First of all however, be certain your hair is in suitable condition to receive a perm. Cut a few strands from different areas, just a ocouple inches long, and drop into a bowl of water. If they sink, the perm is a no go and you can't get a perm until the damaged hair has been cut off. If they float, the proceed with perming. It's in good enough condition.
Bring this to your stylist and blame me for the suggestions. These are things that I've taught in perming classes across the country, because they work and make a difference. Just explain your past experience to your new stylist and give her this list and I'm sure she'll understand and not take offense. In fact, she may already be doing most if it already.
Best of luck to you.
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