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color correcting emergency
color correcting emerg  
I'm SO frustrated! I went to a salon and paid a "professional" to dye my hair half fuchsia and half black, 3 months prior I had highlights done (by the same stylist).... i added green to those highlights. The stylist sat me in the chair....she did what seemed to be experiments to get the green out while bleaching the parts that were gonna be fuchsia. In the end, I had a mess of burgundy and washed out pink hair! How soon can I bleach to correct? What do you suggest to acquire fuchsia with the burgundy pink hair?


As long as you can do a strand test on the hair and the hair holds up and doesn't melt or break off then you can have the service done. I want to stress though how important a strand test is, because it will tell you if the hair can be bleached again, how long it will take to bleach the color out, and what condition the hair will be in after it is done. If the hair melts then no harm no foul because it was only a small strand of hair taken from a spot not noticeable instead of the entire head. Also I would strongly suggest using professional products on the hair because good shampoo and conditioner can be all the difference in the world as to when it can be done or even if it can be done.

You could also try using a Malibu treatment which may remove enough of the burgundy color to put a fuchsia on it. This route does not require any harsh chemicals on the hair it is a product that is used to strip chlorine from swimmers hair and it conditions while doing it. It is hard to say exactly since I cannot assess the hair in person but this route would be far less expensive and less abrasive than bleach. I would go and get a consultation from a different stylist or two and see what they suggest because usually there is no charge for consultation.

Hope this has helped you with your question today, thank you for asking the question and if there is anything else please use the follow-up link. Good Luck and Happy New Year.  


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