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Hairstyling/hair rebonding disaster


QUESTION: Good day to you! I would just like to ask for some tips or some remedies about my hair. My hair is damaged after rebonding a few weeks ago and I noticed that I have a hair breakage not the normal breakage of hair in the tips but its nearer to the root of my scalp and when I pull a hair strand there is no root in it..... Im really worried about my hair I dont want loose all of my hair... Im so frustrated day by day I cried because of it :(((((.... i guess my hair was like this because of the medicine used on rebonding plus the hair iron used on rebonding... please help me with this problem I really want to fix my hair as soon as possible..... I hope that there is still a solution on it... I would really appreciate your help :)

ANSWER: Patty,
 I hate when I hear of this happening. First of all, it is not from the chemical used in rebonding or the hot iron, that is causing your breakage. It is from an improper job done by the stylist who did the service for you. Either they did it wrong or your hair was not suitable for this service because of condition or prior chemical service(s) that had been done. This I have no way of knowing as you did not give me any of your hair history. Either way, if this was the issue, your stylist should have checked this all before proceding. Either way, this is not your fault, but theirs. You should ask for a refund, as you paid for a proper job.
 All you can do now is condition well on a regular basis and wait for it to grow out. Use any good moisturizing and protien conditioner and leave it on for 15 minutes or so. If you wet a towel and wring it out well and then heat in microwave for 20-30 seconds you will have a hot towel to wrap on the hair to help the conditioner penetrate better. YOu only want the towel comfortably hot, not steaming.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)

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QUESTION: thanks for the advice... now im using a well known conditioner hoping it would strengthen my hair.. I guess your right that maybe my hair is not suitable on the chemicals used.. the stylist handed my hair with care during procedure and I saw his using a LOREAL product.. i had my first hair relax when i was 12 years old the second is when I was 14  yrs old.. not on same salon that i had recently i get my hair rebonded now im 18 years old.. its only a hair relax before but my hair didnt go wrong....I owe you a lot!!! thank you so much !!! your advice cheers me up :)) hope youll continue to help others with their hair problems... May God bless you more Stephe :)

ANSWER: You're very welcome. I only wish I could have offered you more help. It will just take time.
All the best to you.
Stephe (hairman)

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QUESTION: hello good day again... can I ask for some techniques when taking a bath??? how to handle my hair properly because my hair so vulnerable and breaks easily when wet....:)

but when my hair is dry it is ok I think my hair is getting stronger because I have less hairfall only when dry...:)

If you don't want to get your hair wet at that time, just tie it up loosely and cover with a shower cap to keep it dry.  However, this is a perfect time for conditioning your hair. Shampoo, towel dry and apply a moisturizing conditioner and cover with shower cap. Then, after your bath just rinse well.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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