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Diana Hammock wrote at 2012-07-27 23:43:32
I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1962. Air perms are nothing new. They were used many years ago. You still have the same chemicals used in the process as a regular perm. I think it is just a new way to sell an old product. Perm sales are down and stylist are trying to find a way to sell them again. My advise to all of my clients is if you color your hair do not perm!! Two chemical processes are too much for your hair and will damage  it no matter what. The most important thing is for the stylist to use the best perm available for your hair type and not just what she has handy and to rinse the chemicals completely from the hair. Most stylist do not rinse long enough to save time and get on to the next client. Your hair should not smell like a perm when you are done. Same for the neutralizer. Rinse well.  Children under 12 should never have perms. The hair in most cases will not hole the curl until after age 12. Also people who's hair is very lightened from the sun should also not have perms.  

Laura Jadczyk wrote at 2013-10-06 08:04:56
There is NOTHING like an air-oxydized perm!  I've been perming for most of my life and I'm now over 60. As I write this, I've still got the rods in from yesterday evening.  I won't be removing them until 7 pm. - 24 hours after the wave solution was thoroughly rinsed out.  Once I made the switch, I realized that a perm can actually HEAL damaged hair, make natural looking curls, and last and last and last.  I did my last perm 7 months ago and the reason I'm re-doing it now is because there is outgrowth at the top.  But I still had good curls on the rest of the hair even after 7 months!  And NO FRIZZ! Some people do a combination of chemical and air oxydizing, but nothing compares to just sitting it out for the full 24 hours.  Yeah, it's a pain, but it is SO worth it! You can also use larger rods for big curls since the air-perms give true rod size curls that HOLD!

How to do it?  A good wrap followed by your perm solution; leave in for the correct time and do a test curl.  Then, rinse, rinse, rinse and more rinse.  A full five minutes or more, very warm water.  After that, just leave the rods in for 24 hours.  When you take them out, you'll be amazed at the condition of your hair!  And throw out the bottle of neutralizer; that stuff is evil and damages your hair!  

Laura wrote at 2014-03-05 19:38:13
I'm 62 with thinning hair and I've done perms almost my whole life.  My preferred perm in the past ten years or so is isohair Option3.  They have a formula for thin, fine hair.  

About 5 or 6 perms ago (I get one every six to 8 months), my hair was just getting so damaged.  I went online to search for how to heal my hair and that's when I learned about air oxydizing and how it can actually fix damaged hair.  I persuaded my technician to try it.  She was actually scared and thought all my hair might fall out.  I just said that it didn't matter since it was so damaged!  

After the clarifying shampoo, she applied the Option3 pre-setting solution, then wrapped the perm as usual.  Then the waving solution for 20 minutes; then the "abundant rinsing" for five full minutes or more with very warm water.  After that, blotting with a towel and I went home with rods in my hair.  The next day, exactly 24 hours later, we took out the rods.

I've never looked back.  I've now had 5 or 6 "Air Perms" and I would never, ever, again use any neutralizer on my hair since it is obvious that, as many professionals say, it is the neutralizer that does the damage.  My hair looks and feels like it is naturally curly.  The frizzy damage WAS healed about 80 percent and after a couple more Air Perms, it was trimmed off.

Yes, it's a pain to sleep in perm rods, but the results are MORE than worth it.  The curl stays, is true to rod size, and most of all, the hair feels absolutely wonderful.

So again, it's simple: you do everything as normal EXCEPT do not let neutralizer touch your hair! It's evil and damaging!  Wrap, waving solution, rinse, and then just wait 24 hours.  


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