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You know the id i m giving you for answer to my question from ismy brothers id. So plz write in ansthat plz call your sis to see this ans. I dont like social networking though i m so modern. Anyway that wasnt the point. I am born with black hair. I have natural black hairs. My friends have butterblonde,dishwater blond, dirty blond, platanium blond, whitish blond, and blah blah blah blonde. I have natural black hairs so i want to turn them blond without and salons,chemical dyes, chemicals, proffesionals etc. I want to turn them blond at house and with natural household items and natural items easily availible at market . Plz give me some remedies and recipes for that. Please.
And i am wondering that which hairstyle does boys love so much on blond hairs. I would try that style after i wil turn my hair blond just because of you. Thanks. Keep smiling. Your selen.

In most cases black hair would need to be bleached to lighten like that (that means chemicals) . There ARE vegetable dyes that are used and chamomile can produce a yellowish stain on hair and is reletively harmless. But I would try it on a few strands first instead of your whole head.(Your hair may turn green if you have bluish low lights if there is even a change)  

Black hair, even with chemicals could turn yellow (think highlighter) or orange in most home bleach kits without the proper toner. I would make the investment and go to a beauty parlor. If its the expense that concerns you, get a hair cut and then come back in a few days (if you get more then a few inches off its cheaper because the salon uses less color)

As far as a style goes. Tease a bump into the crown of your head. Lift hair and run a teasing brush up and down the underside and replace the hair. Smoothe the surface and flip the ends up and out. Wear a bright headband for a cute and easy 50s look.

Best of luck and I hope I helped


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