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I am a 17 year old female and I'm really having troubles with my hair! I used to have really long hair that I would straighten, but due to my oval face shape, it would always make my face look too long. It also looked really stuck to my head...not cute! So, I cut it short. Which looked a lot better! I also recently cut for myself swoopy side bangs which I adore! Now it is at this awkward shoulder length, where at the top it is stuck to my head, and the ends are fuller. Somedays though, the whole thing just looks limp! I would very much appreciate help, tips...anything! Can you suggest a new haircut perhaps? And how to style it? I would love that long, messy hair look, but it never looks thick on me although my hair is of medium thickness! Or even messy shoulder length hair! As you can see, I'm at a quandary. I appreciate your help and time and patience so very much! I very much look forward to a response!

--Kaitlin McDowell

Hiya Kaitlyn,

I went short in May and I'm in LOVE with it!

Hair has to be cut to be fuller. You really need to go to a designer who can look at your hair. The texture, density, condition, face shape, etc., all go in to determining a great style for you. Hair cutting, by the way, is all geometry. A really good hair cut grows out gracefully and adds shape and movement where you want it. With an oval face, you can wear any style. However, the way it's cut determines the way it lays so if you want fullness, it has to be cut to the round of the head. Your hairdresser will know what that means. If S/he goes and pulls your hair straight up, for example, it's going to lay straight down. No fullness.

So, your best bet is to get a haircut that's designed to give you fullness and then get the products that will help support the cut. I really don't have enough information to make any specific recommendations for you. If your hair hasn't been cut recently, that would explain the lack of volume on top. You can try volumizing products but in general, haircuts don't last once they've grown out more than an inch or two. At that point, the cut has grown into something else and what you've been doing all along no longer works.

Most reputable salons offer free consultations. I'd make an appointment or two and go in and let a pro look at your hair and make some suggestions. If you don't like what you hear, you just tell them you're going to check your schedule and move on to the next. Or, you can just be honest and say you'd like to get a second opinion and schedule with someone else in the salon or elsewhere. When I do these types of consultations, I write down what we've talked about, give the client my card and thank them. Then, if they decide they like my ideas, I have the discussion on record and can do whatever we discussed. If they don't come back, that's ok.

That's going to be a lot more beneficial to you than me just guessing how your hair is cut now, how thick it is, what it looks like, what you look like, etc. I'm a firm believer in expert cutting so anything I would suggest now would only be a guess and you can do that yourself. LOL

All the new Spring Trend releases are coming out now so you can see what the latest styles are online. That may give you some motivation. But, I would strongly encourage you to allow a hairdresser to design something specifically for you. All you need to know is what you do and don't like. (you LOVE your side swept bangs, dislike it too short - for example)

Good luck. I'm sure you'll have fun finding something new.  


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