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Though I love and prefer the richness,naturalness, and exquisite shine of dark colors,I am planning to go much lighter or blond with hi-lites soon... since I have too much gray or silver-gray roots that grow out or appear too quickly (now about 80% gray, rather prematurely [age 48]) too noticeably, and I simply want to blend the gray roots with a much lighter color-scheme to avoid the embarassment of gray roots, as well as the treacherously frequent touch-ups.  At the moment, I have various shades between light golden brown to very dark brown permanent haircolor in my hair (Sally's ION brand: which works great on my hair, colors ALL the gray, having used demi-permanent blue-black hair color for the last 3 to 4 months or so... for the very first time ever in my life (demi haircolor).  I've been told by a few hairstylists lately, that lifting demi color is just as difficult as lifting permanent color, which I find a bit confusing, since demi is supposed to wash out in 6-8 weeks or so???  At any rate my question to you is, since I am planning to go much lighter soon, should I continue to color my gray roots in the interim, with demi or permanent color?  I will be using instead, nothing darker this time than dark brown or very dark brown... Thanks immensely in advance,for your expert advice!

I'm sorry for your inconvenience, I guess I am not mature, sophisticated, or meticulous enough for your questions, with permanent hair color there is significantly more damage and the color is absorbed deeper into the hair shaft and cuticle when you lift the color there is a risk of a negetive effect with the previous color treatment no matter how expensive or new your product is.
(Hence permanent) with demi you still run the risk of discolored hair when you try to lift the color but demi causes slightly less damage then permanent, and the color isn't as deeply absorbed.

I apologize again for the misunderstanding. I hope I was clear this time for such a sophisticated lady as yourself. Also as meticulous as you are when you color your hair, there is no way possible you see your whole head and scalp so even so, your local non condescending beautician should really advise you not to color your hair before you plan on lifting the color. There are ways to lift two different tones of color.

I am sure a more mature sophisticated stylist will be better able to help you in the future.

I am a volunteer here and since you have been condescending and rude to me. I don't think I am mature enough to help you in the future. Please feel free to ask a different expert your questions.

Good luck and stay beautiful.



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