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B4-after, Casting 101-Koleston 12-81
B4-after, Casting 101-  
QUESTION: Hello, I have naturally brown hair (level 4) and I have lightened and dyed my hair multiple times in the last 2 months trying to find a good shade that will not look orange but also not grey. My hair is a bit patchy at the moment with some small areas being an orange shade. I am looking for a hair color that is cool but blonde, not grey, and is also luminous and shiny. Yesterday I tried the 12/81 of koleston special blonde and it came out greyish. It masqued a bit the orange areas but did not made them blonde, even though I used a bleach +30vol just before they dye.

I have also tried the P01 of feria preference (box dye) which looked nice at my ends but did not cover the orange patrs in the shafts.

Also I ve made some strand tests with 901S of majiblonde but seems to have no impact on the color of my hair, it's like invisible!

I have also tried CASTING 1010 of L'oreal which gave a very dull grey-beige color which I didn't like.

Now I am thinking to use the LB01 superior preference (Stefanie Gwen is advertising it and she has the perfect superluminous blonde!), but I don't know anymore if these products can really work the way I apply them, one after the other in a matter of just few days apart...

Should I use a color stripper first? Will this damage my hair more?

Also, I would really appreciate an advice on what to do with my roots:
- make my whole head blonde (this I would try only if I had found a nice shade, cool and luminous)
- Dye them with a lighter cool brown 6.1. Would you have a recommendation for a really shiny 6.1 in the market? I would prefer it a bit greenish (just a bit). I could also mak some lowlights with this olor within the blonde hair, to cover the areas which are orange and obtain a more ombré result. Wht I have now started of as ombré but my blonde obsession has now turned it into an undefineable bi-color style...

thank you so much for the advice!

ANSWER: Thank you so much for writing to me to help you.

First I want to say that I don't recomend a lot of chemical processes done to the hair in a short period of time.

I want to also tell you that ANY bleaching, lightening, stripping, color removals will damage your hair. And I don't recomend drugstore hair color kits either. In a beauty salon someone mixes your color and developer fresh as soon as you ask for it. And someone who has experience applies it. Also this experienced person knows exactly what to look for to stop a negetive process from getting much worse. Or correcting it on the spot with minimal damage.

When you buy the kit from the store they have a one size fits all style. They assume the buyers have either the same or very similar hair and the person using it may not have used it properly or if they have they may not have a possitive reaction because of something in their hair reacting negetively to the color kit chemicals. Also there is a good change that the color solution is innapropriate for your
Hair completely and you may never get the color you want because the developer is too weak or is the wrong strength.
When you strip or remove color its impossible NOT to damage the hair. This is why beauticians cut the hair after the chemical or color is applied.

I STRONGLY advise going to a salon if you already have chemicals on your hair. At best the boxed color may come out ok. But the boxed dye may also Severely dis color the hair. (High lighter oranges, alien blues, and decay greens)

At worst there may be a risk for hair loss, chemical burns on the scalp, brittle hair (will snap off at the root) and just unflattering dried out hair.

Personally I think you should stop and take a few months to baby your hair and just trim. I would wait a minimum of 4-6 months.

I'm sorry if this isn't the answer you are looking for but I would give the same advice to my best client.


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Makeover ombre
Makeover ombre  
QUESTION: Dear Cherie,

Thank you so much for your answer, I really appreceiate the wise approach that you recommend to me. Indeed I have decided to stop experimenting with different dyes and keep my current blonde color which is not bad after all.

There is only one part of my question that I hope you can cover as well, and this is what to do with my roots to smoothen the contrast with the blonde part and what would be a nice shiny cool shade to use.

I am definetely going to do this last job in a salon as it is really tricky to blend in the brown with the blond and I could not do it myself.

thanks so much,

Because of the lighting in this picture and because I can't physicaly touch your hair my best guess would be to say that you might want to choose a shade or two lighter then the blonde part of your hair. The regrowth is stronger and can take it and its so dark that you will need to lighten it significantly to get it close to the ends of your hair.

Do your very best to color only the re growth (roots) by sectioning the hair and coloring very small pieces at a time. You can control the color best with a brush and can buy a bowl and brush set from sally's beauty supply for around or possibly less then 5 dollars.

Keep an eye on the regrowth as you color it. When the color appears close rinse immediately! Don't forget to do a strand test. And also the toner you use can make a huge difference!

When you blend the dyed hair together at the beauty parlor try low lights in the blonde and this should add warmth and a more natural look. Choose a low light that is a shade or two darker then theightest pieces of your hair. That should make a difference that may cause less damage and make you look more blended.

After your hair is colored try to please let your hair rest for a few months (4-6 at least) just try to focus on trimming and deep conditioning treatments.

I hope I helped


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