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Hello I am having trouble finding out my face shape.
These are the measurements I got.
Forehead Width 6inches
Cheekbone Width-10inches
Jawline length-9.5 to 10 inches
Face length from hairline to chin 8 inches

I looked at the charts but I am still unsure where I fall under?

 Thank you for the measurements, but the don't help. It's more a matter of proportion and balance than just actual measrements.
 Many people fall between two categories, which can make it difficult to figure out sometimes. Here is some criteria that may help. The oval face is the accepted standard for face shape. for anything else you would compensate by styling the hair around the face to create the illusion of an oval face.
 And oval face can be divided equally into 3 horizontal sections from the hairline to the bridge of the nose. bridge of nose to tip of nose and tip of nose to tip of chin. Then it would be about 5 eyes wide at the widest point of the cheek. So if you measure the approximate width of an eye you should have about the width of an eye between the eyes (otherwise they are considered wide or narrow set) and about the sidth of an eye from teh outside corner of each eye to the widest point of the cheek. The, the hihg point of recession (where your hairline goes back on each side) should be above your jawbone. If these are all in place your face is oval. From there you can determine if it's longer, shorter and rounder, heart shaped, sgueare, etc. Then you can determine a hair shape and sillhouette (not style) for your face. I say not style because it's a matter of the silhouette you create around the face, and you can create any style or direction within that silhouette.
For instance, a round face needs to be visually lengthened to make it look more oval. To do this you would first avoid bangs, since they shorten the face and make it look rounder. Then you would add heighth on top to elongate the face and keep the hair closer at the sides to slenderize instead of fuller which would make the face look wider. These things can be done within many "styles" so it's a matter of teh silhouette or form you create around the face.
 A long face would benefit from bangs which would shorten the face, a flatter top to avoid adding length and more fullness at the sides to widen the face and make it look less long.
I hope this helps somewhat.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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