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Hairstyling/Just bought a hair dye from the market (Garnier Nutrisse )( Honey) that has a 20 vol developer


how harmfull will it be to my thin hair? my hair is dark brown and i just want to lighten it a few shades will this work? thanx in advance for your response.


Thank you for writing me and I apologize over the delay in responding. My personal and professional life is crazey right now.

Your hair will lighten with just about any product that has a color lifting agent(bleach) and developer. But as far as the extent of the damage, this is impossible to tell without being able to physically asses the hair for myself. I don't know if you have allergys to the product, if you have damaged hair, or when your last chemical treatment was. I don't even know how damaged your hair may or may not be and if its possible the product is expired or if you may mis use this product.

So telling in advance how much damage you may cause to your hair is almost impossible.

Also its impossible to predict the outcome unless your color product and developer was picker for your specific current shade of hair and the desired shade of hair.

Pre boxed hair color is very cookie cutter and one size does not necessarily fit all hair.

I advise that you get all color and chemical processes done with a professional for these reasons.

Provided that you use the product apropriately and have the best hair and conditions possible,( you know you will do it anyway) the color should lift but I advise you watch it carefully, do a strand test, and get a trim to try to minimize the damage as soon as possible after the color is applied.



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