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Short hairstyle.
Short hairstyle.  
Hi my name is Lydia!

I have an oval face shape, but with a high forehead. So I think it's a long face shape. My question is if I want to cut my hair, which style suits me? I want preferably short, and basically covering my forehead. And also I'm a girl of color with afro hair, so if its short how do I keep it from becoming an afro when I want it to lay down? Like the picture of Rihanna.


Thank you so much for writing me. If you want short hair there are a lot of styles that would suit an oval face shape. Its like asking what buisinesses will accept a master card. The oval face shape is very forgiving so don't be afraid to go wild. For lower maintenance hair for ethnic ladies I advise relaxing the hair. Its fairly low maintenance because it leaves the hair soft and can straighten the hair as well as leave it managable. If this isn't something you are comfortable with as far as a chemical treatment you can always use a straightener or a hot comb.

Another alternative is an asymetrical bob. Its short and draws a lot of intrest to the face. I love it because its very different but can look amazing if its done right.

Have fun and I hope I helped.


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