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Hi Cherie, On Monday, I went to the salon for a full foil, in order to update my highlights from September.... nothing lifted, so I went back yesterday, and we decided to use bleach, as I'm naturally a brunette, and am putting in warm blonde highlights.  I'm also trying to get rid of a lowlight, which has been bugging me almost all year, and that was put in to frost out orange bleeds.  The new highlights look good for the most part, however, I think it looks a little uneven on the sides (i.e. more foils on one side), and the lowlight just won't go away either.  What do you think I should do?


As far as your highlights go, sometimes its better to quit while you are ahead. If you keep snipping or bleaching or nit picking at every individual hair you may never be happy and end up still un happy with the end result and you may regret the end result.

Have you considered a three day rule? That's what I would advise. I got my hair done super red in beauty school. I thought I looked like Ronald McDonald. But after I styled it a few times and got used to it, I totally OWNED it! Now I am known for the red hair and you couldn't pay me to change them. I even memorize the mixing of a few different reds to get my awesome shade.

I think after you have it for a few days and style it a few times you may really like it.

As far as your low light goes, without seeing it, I really can't advise one way or another. I don't even know what color it is.

I hope I helped


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