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Hello Steve, On Monday, I went to the salon for a full foil, in order to update my highlights from September.... nothing lifted, so I went back yesterday, and we decided to use bleach, as I'm naturally a brunette, and am putting in warm blonde highlights.  I'm also trying to get rid of a lowlight, which has been bugging me almost all year, and that was put in to frost out orange bleeds.  The new highlights look good for the most part, however, I think it looks a little uneven on the sides (i.e. more foils on one side), and the lowlight just won't go away either.  What do you think I should do?  Is it common to have this happen, and do most people just leave it?

Hiya Kelsey,

Sometimes, if your hair was parted to the side for the foiling, and then you part it a bit differently, it can seem as though there are more highlights on one side than the other. Other times, there really are more on one side than the other.

If you truly think you see a difference, or if it's glaringly obvious when you pull your hair up or back, it's easy enough to fix. I had a client just last week who came in after going to another designer with this exact issue. I didn't tell the client this, I just fixed it, but it looked like the stylist just got bored or in a hurry and put in half as many foils. I just put a few more in on the side that needed it and she was out the door in about an hour.

As for the lowlights, that's probably going to be a process. Unless they are picked out one by one, it will be hard to hit them all and get them lightened up. Doing a bit heavier highlight throughout the top and around the face will minimize how much you see.

Regardless, I'd go back to your stylist and show him/her your concerns and see what s/he is willing to do about it. At the least, have him/her check to see if one side really is darker than the other side. It will be much better in the long run to have your hair even and balanced when it comes time to do the re-touch.

Whether it's common or not or whether most people just live with it, isn't really a question I can answer. A career minded, passionate, stylist with good work ethic would not only want to fix it, but wouldn't allow you to leave the salon with noticeable imperfections like too few highlights on one side. As far as the lowlights go, it's possible the stylist, in trying to preserve the condition of your hair did as much as s/he felt comfortable doing but without actually knowing what was discussed during the consultation it would all be guesses anyway.

I tell everyone that if they pay for a service, they deserve the best service possible. Keep in mind that sometimes, in order to take good care of your hair, we have to do things in stages. I have no idea if this was the case or not with you and your stylist but going back and discussing your issues will do one of two things. It will get your color fixed and more to your liking OR at least you will know why it looks the way it does and what you can expect on your next visit. In an ideal world, all this would have been discussed when you had your hair done. Apparently it wasn't, so by all means, go back and talk to your stylist.

I MUCH prefer my clients to let me know if something needs to be tweaked, fixed or otherwise altered over living with something they don't love until their next visit. It's much easier for me to get it right on the first try the next time around once we hit the best formula and process. :c)


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