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Hairstyling/what cut can i have?!


Last year i bleached my hair blonde and all that on the right snapped off quite short but didnt happen on the other side. So i kind of have one side longer than the other; the left side is about boob length and the upper layers of the right side are just past my chin now, (ive been wearing it up for a year waiting for the right side to grow back). i can wear it down now, the short bits just look like layering, but still a bit odd (and i've replenished the moisture by dying it brown again).
I want a change of style since its so limp and ive been waiting so long for the right side to get past my chin. Can i have layers put in on both sides or will it not work with the short side. i'm embarrassed to go into a haridressers and ask them for something done if they just say 'nothing can be done with this wonky hair'. or can i have a bob? or what can i have done to this hair?!
here is my hair from the front

and here is the right side, the bits that snapped off
is something like this possible with my snapped off bits?!

Hi Elle!
I apologize for such a delayed response, I have recently returned from a FAQ seminar, and unfortunately didn't have internet access throughout. Your images didn't show as links as it looks like the end of them has been cut of. If you do a follow up question and include the images, or use my email address listed at

However, for your hair to grow inbetween these dying procedures, you must still get a regular trim, or it won't grow by the snapped endings. What you should have done, is once you had the snapped edges, immediately get them trimmed of to allow the hair to re-nourish itself and continue to grow. You could have both sides layered, although I would recommend having a good bit of length cut of your hair for it to grow better.

In a salon, a hairdresser will recommend a suitable cut for your shape and hair condition, which is the best idea. There is always something that can be done with your hair. Personally, what I would recommend is an A-symetrical bob with short wispy layers throughout the hair, which creates the effect of texture, taking the attention away from the split ends.

Visit a reputable salon, the first cut may be expensive, but it gets you on the right track. Again, take in images of the styles you wish to go for, take 2-3 for a backup and ask them if they cannot do it specifally like the image, if they can contribute the idea and customise a look specifically for you.

Good luck!



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