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QUESTION: 1.My hair is light at my front,,the rest of my hair is normal
(just the front part is light)

2. is there a way to improve my hair other than using blow dryers and irons?
(because when i go outdoors, i fix my hair and it's very good but ,within a very short time it gets bad -you know like big sized! )

ANSWER: Hi Flower,

I'm sorry. I don't understand your question.

By 'light" do you mean thin? As in you don't have as much?  

As for it expanding and getting frizzy when you go outside, are you using any type of products in your hair such as leave in conditioner, argon oil or obliphica oil? Tell me how you care for and style your hair now and I can give you some suggestions. Does it get frizzy all over or just in front?


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QUESTION: yes,i've meant thin hair at the front.
And concerning the conditioner, yes i use shampoo and conditioner garnier fructis.
And my hair is thin at the fringe part and that makes my forehead look somehow wide.
And about my hair getting expaneded, yes all of it (when i'm combing it at home it seems nice, i dont know what happens to it once i step out!)
(sorry i've posted my question twice)

ANSWER: Humidity makes hair expand. You need something to prevent your hair from absorbing the moisture from the air. Argon oil, obliphica oil, silk oil, all help with this. You can apply to damp or dry hair to calm the frizz and make your hair shiny and smooth. Also, using products designed for curly hair works amazingly well for blocking humidity. As for the thinner hair in front, if it's always been thin, there isn't much you can do, but if it has gotten thinner over time, Products designed for thinning hair may help. It depends on why it's thinner and how long it's been that way. Bosley and  Nioxin are two product lines designed  for thinning hair but there are many more. In general, it sounds like you need to examine the products you're using.

You may also benefit from a good deep conditioning treatment from time to time. Something you put in, leave for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse out. Your hair is probably thirsty.

Not knowing what products you have available to you, I can't really be more specific but if you have questions about any products I can probably help you.


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QUESTION: Do you recommend using shampoo with keratin?
if so what are the best shampoo kinds?
concerning the reason for thin hair, actually when i was young,my hair wasn't as thin from the front as now,
my mum used to comb my hair and make pony tails or braids so tight that sometimes i used to have a headche from it,that's why i think the reason why it became thinner by time.
And thanks for telling me about Bosley and Nioxin products, i just want to know their prices.
Lastly,i wanted also to know if using mousse on hair can be a good solution.

It doesn't have to be specifically Keratin. Chi Keratin is a nice one, Redken Diamond Oil, Joico K -Pak. All good choices. You do need a protein based product line. You balanced amounts of protein and moisture but the products I mentioned have enough protein to rebuild and protect your hair and enough moisture to keep it soft and supple.

As for your thin hair, that is more like.y due to heredity than pony tails. Hair grows from inside, underneath the skin.  What that means is, what you do to the outside doesn't really affect what's going on on the inside. If your hair is breaking off, that is generally caused by external factors like excessive heat, if it's just thinner, that's an internal thing. Ponytails and hats won't affect that. It could be something about your diet, stress related or health related. There are many things that can affect hair growth but they are all internal factors like medications, health, stress, etc.  what you do to the outside (ponytails) simply does not affect what's going on on the inside (thinning)

I don't have the pricing information on the products because it varies depending on where you are. But, if you go to their respective web sites, you can find salons in your area that carry them. The work best when you use the proper formula for your hair type so it's a good idea to buy them from a salon where a designer can look at your hair and tell you what you need.

Mousse is fine. It works best if you apply it to damp hair and don't touch your hair once it's dry. I personally prefer the styling creams because they are easier to apply and don't make your hair hard or crunchy. It just depends on what you like.  


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