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Hey , I have naturally dark Blonde hair and have previously dyed it using Olia by Garnier to a lighter blonde.. the last time i dyed it was roughly 4-5 weeks ago and my roots are quite bad now so i decided to dye it a light brown maybe two shades off my natural colour.. I was looking online and read that my hair may turn green .. most blogs said only if i bleached my hair or the dye had 'ash' in the name.. now i never bleached my hair but the developer cream does contain Hydrogen Peroxide.. and the dye does not have ash in the name i have bought the dye and was just wondering if it was safe enough to dye or just forget it? Thank you , Meadhbh

Hi Meadhbh,

Hair turning green is not a regular thing to happen. What I would recommend you do if you want to be completely safe, is purchase ColorB4, which will remove the Olia color you put in your hair, it is available in the UK & Ireland in most drug stores and Salon Services I believe. Use this product, allow your hair a resting period of a week and then dye hair to the shade you wish. I would personally avoid ash tones, as they can give the apperance of grey/green strands, without them actually being present.

Hope this helps.


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