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I am highly allergic to Sulfa Drugs.  I recently got a perm.  I received the perm on Saturday and Sunday I was totally wiped out, with chills and felt sick. This is day three and I am feeling better today, but drained.  I have had many perms and have been sick like this before, but this time I thought maybe it was linked to the perm solution.  Do you know if having a sulfa allergy can also mean you could be allergic to perm solution?


Thank you for writing me. To answer the question. Of course its very possible that there was a disulphide element in your perm product. But I did some basic research that says suphides and suphates are very different. Also some further research says that a sulpha or a sulphate allergy generally doesn't have fatigue or tired feelings associated with an allergy. This would however be a common side effect to ingesting or being exposed to the sulpha drug.

I am allergic to sulphates and derivitives as well and have a very severe reaction myself (throat closes) but a perm would NOT cause such a reaction for me. But two allergic people sometimes have a different reaction.

I am not able to professionaly answer this question 100% confidently though. I didn't administer the perm and am not privvy to the ingredients. Only some perms have disulphides in them and not all perms have it. Also I did not see your reaction either. I CAN share my experience with skin reactions from professional experience though. Almost all drug reactions have a skin reaction and just about every allergen you expose your skin to will react to your skin first.

Allegies I have seen have rash, hives, raised irritated skin, and sometimes in severe cases clear fluid filled blisters and swollen lymph nodes. I have never witnessed an allergy that has nausea with a permanant. If you feel that the perm caused such a violent reaction you should change the perm solution and tell your cosmetologist that you would like a perm with no sulpher or disulphides in it. Or simply ask for a different hair treatment.

Thank you for writing me and I hope I helped.



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