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Dear Dana,

Hoping that you can help me.  I have naturally wavy/ sorta straight hair. I dont have nice waves or curls but really light waves that make my hair look puffy and messy. They stick out all over the place.  I do not know what to do to my hair to make it look nice. I have tried a diffuser but it sticks out worse. I am horrible at blow drying with a round brush, flat ironing, and Curling it. Is there something easy that I can do to style my hair?  I would rather work with the waves than against them.  Also what type of haircut would you ecommend for me. Right now my hair is layered which is not helping, but if I Keep my hair all one length then it is flat at the crown and really heavy at the bottom. Also I have a Color Problem. My hair is naturally dark blonde, but I had it highligthed to try to brighten the Color a bit. Unfortunately the Highlights looked almost White and my Stylist put a goldblond Color in my hair.  It turned brassy red/orange.  I cannot get the brass Color out of my hair. I tried to have professionally dyed dark blonde again but it is still orange/red.  What can I do to get my natural Color back?  Thanks for reading this Long question.

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry for the delayed response. I'm out of town teaching classes right now.

Ok. Let's start with the first problem. Have you considered using a demi permanent smoothing system like Brocato or Redken Shape Control? They have different formulas designed to do different things. So, since you want to work WITH your curl, you can leave the curl in tact but compress the cuticle, get rid of the frizz and make your hair more compact and manageable without removing any curl. I have several clients who LOVE this service and I usually use the Redken Shape Control, cold smoothing formula. Their hair comes out feeling softer and smoother and they still have their curl with out the frizz. I usually recommend that they use a smoothing system for their daily at home care as well like Redken Curvaceous or something from the Tigi Catwalk. In general, shampoo, conditioner and styling aids designed for curly hair and then alternate that with Redken's Smoothing shampoo and conditioner because it makes the salon service last much longer than a typical demi system.

Another option would be to find a salon that does the Deva Curl system. It's a product line designed for curly hair. You need to go to a salon and have them do your hair and teach you the Deva 3 step system which is simple and won't remove your curl. You can check them out on the web if you've never heard of them. It sounds like you need to find someone who specializes in curly hair. If you can't find Deva Curl salon where you are, you should be able to find a Redken salon. They also have curl specialists. Even though you say it's mostly wavy/straight, where there's frizz, there's curl. Treating your hair like curly hair will address both the unruly, messy, frizzy problem and the thickness problem. I'm not a big fan of thinning in general, even on the thickest hair because it tends to look bigger in a couple weeks. I prefer cutting with the natural wave in vertical sections to remove weight but that's a personal opinion and there's always an exception to the rule. :c)

As for the color, I would again recommend finding a Redken salon. I'm not sure why they would let you leave the salon knowing they had not achieved a satisfactory result. If it  hasn't been more than a week or two  or you haven't done anything at home to the color, I would call the salon back and find out if there's anything else they can do about the color. At this point with the color, a demi color gloss should fix the tone. Redken offers a tremendous amount of education so when you're looking for someone who's had plenty of extra education to address specific issues, they're usually a safe bet. I never, under any circumstances recommend doing color at home. I bought my house on the money I earned fixing at home color jobs. However, when you DO go to a salon, it is perfectly acceptable to stay there until the color is right. When they finished your color last time and it was still brassy, it would not have been unreasonable of you to ask for them to fix it right then. If not right then, soon and at no charge. If they communicated that it was fixable, it shouldn't come as a surprise that you'd like it fixed, If it's been more than a week or two, they probably aren't going to feel compelled to fix it but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

In the mean time, a deep protein treatment or two will help prepare your hair for the next color service. Most reputable salons offer free consultations. Call for an appointment to have someone just look at your hair to see if they think they can help you with the color.  And while your there, talk about an appropriate cut and style. If you feel confident in the stylist, you can book an appointment to have the services performed, If not, you can just get another consultation with another stylist until you find one that you click with.

Good luck,



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