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Last year i bleached my hair blonde and all that on the right snapped off quite short but didnt happen on the other side. So i kind of have one side longer than the other; the left side is about boob length and the upper layers of the right side are just past my chin now, (ive been wearing it up for a year waiting for the right side to grow back). i can wear it down now, the short bits just look like layering, but still a bit odd (and i've replenished the moisture by dying it brown again).
I want a change of style since its so limp and ive been waiting so long for the right side to get past my chin. Can i have layers put in on both sides or will it not work with the short side. i'm embarrassed to go into a haridressers and ask them for something done if they just say 'nothing can be done with this wonky hair'. or can i have a bob? or what can i have done to this hair?!
here is my hair from the front

and here is the right side, the bits that snapped off
is something like this possible with my snapped off bits?!

Hi Elle,

I'm getting an error message saying that the page can't be found with all 3 links you sent me.  So, I can't really be any help there but I will check again later to see if the links work. Sometimes it's just a busy connection.

In the meantime, lets talk about it anyway. :c). Unless you used demi permanent color to dye it back brown, you still created more damage by applying a permanent color. Even tho many permanent color lines claim to condition, what they really do is damage then fix a bit but they don't fix damage that was already there. Here's what happens. When we lighten hair, we break down the disulfide bonds. They're the muscle in our hair. What gives it strength. The broken bonds create a new thing called cysteic acid. This is what causes the damage you can see and the breakage in general.  Even when we're darkening hair, if we use permanent color, we still lift a wee bit, them deposit because that's what permanent color does. And any way you do the math, damage + damage = more damage.  The only way to STOP cysteic acid from eating its way up the hair shaft like a little pacman is with protein and scissors.

So, regardless of what those pics tell me when I'm finally able to see them, you need a hair cut. In general, it sounds like cutting layers to the longer side will work. Either way, don't be embarrassed to go to a pro for a good cut and when the pro suggests which conditioners you need, take it as good advice. I see people nearly everyday who have colored their hair at home and it's never a beautiful thing. LOL

Side note: some good protein treatments that you might like are Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus (3 applications back to back and hair is 95% stronger), Joico Reconstructorg(2 parts protein to 1 part moisture), Matrix Biolage KeratinDose. This last one is very new but my " do my color at home blondorexic" clients say it's a miracle. Instantly stops further breakage. I've been impressed with it as well. Keep in mind this: protein repairs, moisture softens. While moisture will make your hair softer and easy to comb, it isn't repairing damage. Protein, on the other hand, fixes the holes created when those bonds are broken. It's like filling in a pothole. ;c)


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