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Hairstyling/difference between smoothening,rebonding and straight therapy


QUESTION: hi... i told my hair stylist to do the rebonding but he suggested me to go for straight therapy... now wen all is done i have seen no differnce in my hair excpt it becomes softer... it appears that he has done smoothening... but i am not satisfied with the result... what should i do now..?? can i go for rebonding again..??

ANSWER: Hi Parul,

It depends on what your stylist used. I recommend going back to the same stylist and discussing your concerns so he can fix it for you. Most likely, he didn't have an aggressive enough formula. If that's the case, he can go back in with a mild formula and do if again. It depends, again, on the product he used.  He probably underestimated in his formulation.

I'd call right away tho because most salons won't do anything for you if you wait toolong or do something else pursue the salon.
Mist stylists see these situations as learning opportunities and appreciate the opportunity to make things right.

If he says he can't do anything for you, find out what product he used and why he can't do any more and met me know. Or may be there texture or condition of your hair but I'll see what other information I can help you with.

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QUESTION: Hi... Thanx 4 d answer....
I wanna know the difference between rebonding and smoothening...???
He has already applied chemicals and done ironing twice on my hair... Now m afraid pf going back 2 the same procesure again as it may damage my hair...
Plz suggest
Thanx in advanc

ANSWER: Ah, we'll that changes things. While it still depends on the products he used but here's a general comparison:

Rebonding breaks the disulfide bonds in the hair and reshape s, permanently, the hair. This makes the hair very straight. These typically don't do well if they are overlapped but they are the strongest and get the hair very straight. They are most similar to a relaxer or a perm.  Smoothing systems generally stretch the bonds, re shaping them without breaking them. It's healthier on the hair but they don't get the hair as straight.  Smoothing systems allow you to straighten your hair and restyle it much faster and straighter, saving time and allowing you more options. They are also, generally demi permanent lasting anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the brand and method.

Both systems have their advantages and hair type and other factors determine which is better for each client.

Without knowing what brand he used I can't really suggest anything other than my original suggestion of scheduling a consultation. If he's already done 2 services for you, even if he used the gentler smoothing system, he probably can't do another one. However, it IS possible that he give you information on how to style, straighten and care for your hair. Maybe it's just a matter of using the right products, correct amount of heat and tension, etc.  whenever I do a smoothing treatment instead of a rebonding or straightening treatment, I suggest they make a follow up appointment for a styling session where they do their own hair and I show them how to work with the new texture.

Regardless of whether your stylist can do any more for you or not, I would suggest discussing your dissatisfaction.

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QUESTION: Thanx a lot 4 d info...
Can u plz tell me d address of ur salon in india...??
And does straight therapy and rebonding gives the same result..??

Straight Therapy and rebonding are supposed to give similar results, however, not all products work the same on all hair types. I use 3 different systems. They all work miracles on some hair types, but none of them work on all hair types. Another thing to consider as well, should you decide to try a different system; not all of them are compatible. For example, you can't put a sodium hydroxide relaxer over a previous calcium hydroxide. Once you've used one type, unless it's a semi permanent system, it probably isn't safe to try a different straightening system until the previously treated hair has grown out.

My salon is in the United States. I work in Kansas City.

You are most welcome.  


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