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Hairstyling/how can i grow my hair faster?


I just got my hair cut 2-3 inches to get rid of the dry, brittle ends. My hair was to the middle of my back and now its just below my shoulder blades. I love the healthy look, feel, and fullness, and now i want to grow my hair longer than it originally was. How can i make it grow faster? I dont style it anymore. Im waiting until my hair is to the desired length i would like. I already use coconut oil once a week and i use tresme moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Anymore ideas? Id like it back to the middle of my back by the time school starts in August.

And I'd like to have home remedies. I dont want to buy products. I also take fish oil and a womens vitamin with 300mcg of biotin

Hi Sarah,

There is no magic potion to make your hair grow faster. A healthy diet, exercise and treating your hair gently to prevent damage and split ends will allow your hair to grow as fast as it's going to grow. That's an internal process that's determined by genetics and general health. Good circulation, good health, and good hair care habits will prevent split ends and prevent you from losing length every time you brush your hair.

There are products that claim to aid in hair growth, but they don't have anything to do with how fast it grows. Hair grows, on average, 1 inch in 4 to 6 weeks. How fast YOUR hair grows, as I mentioned above, is determined by your genes. Some people's hair grows a bit faster, other's slower. You should already have an idea as to whether your hair grows fast or slow but whatever it does, you don't really have any control over. What you CAN control is avoiding further damage.

Treat it especially gentle when it's wet. That's when it's most fragile. Don't scrub it in the towel after you shampoo. Wrap it in a towel gently, and a t-shirt is even  better, and allow it to absorb the water. Don't apply heat without a heat protectant. And don't skip the conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner work differently. Shampoo works on the outside of the hair shaft and conditioner works on the inside. Either way, don't skip it. And, if you're going to be swimming, braid your hair, mist it with water or water and conditioner mixed in a water bottle, before you get in the pool, lake or beach, and don't allow it to dry in the sun. Keep it misted and damp until you can shampoo it.

Other than that, keep those ends trimmed. As soon as they get dry, snip the dry bits off. It's better to trim away 1/8 inch than to allow 2 to 3 inches to get split and damaged.

Good luck. It sounds like you already are on the way to having the long hair you want. :c)



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