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Hairstyling/hair color did not take completely


Hi, I'm hoping you can help me with this. I colored my hair at home yesterday. Yes, I know most people say go to a professional rather than do it yourself, but I simply cannot afford that. My hair is naturally a very light brown/very dark blond. I was blond as a child.

I wanted to go a couple shades lighter. I bought 2 boxes of the L'Oreal Preference natural blond, which is level 9, I realize my hair would not come out as the model on the box, and had read about hair color making your hair a middle ground between your natural color and the hair color. Also, my hair is 100 percent "virgin hair", and I have not used any hair color in 10 years, which has completely grown out and been cut since then obviously.

What happened with the color yesterday was it took very well at the roots and first few inches, but the further down my hair the less it took, and by the ends of my hair it literally did nothing. Would it make sense to repeat the process only using the dye on the lengths of my hair, not my scalp, leaving it on longer?

How do I get the lengths of my hair to match the first 3-4 inches? Also, I had washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo 24 hours prior to coloring, and did not use any product in my hair so this was no due to anything like that. Thank you for the help.

A virgin application on hair longer than 2.5"  needs to be applied to the ends and shaft first and with a higher volume peroxide.
Im sure the instructions the dye came with did not inform u of this.
Please upload a pic of your hair and maybe we can solve the problem.


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