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Hi there,

I am wanting a hairstyle that will suit me. Right now I don't have much of a hair style at all. It's just below shoulder length and my husband doesn't like my hair too short. I'd really like a more sophisticated look but I need something easy as I'm a busy mother of 4 kids and have recently had a baby. I have a round face shape and and thick hair which is not straight but only semi-wavy. Having length to my hair adds weight to it to pull it down so it doesn't 'poof' so much, but layers are counterproductive too. I tend to wear my hair down, so any up-dos won't be practical for me. Any suggestions? I was wondering about a long bob but my hair doesn't hold a nice bob at all. Any reference to pics would also be really helpful. Thanks!

Hi Marlena,

4 kidlets? How delightful! :c)

You have just replicated a situation that happens in the salon every day. If you were sitting in my chair, my response to all the parameters you just gave me would be, " so you want me to give you a trim?". If we can't layer it, shorten it, thin it, or show you some fun, easy, quick ways to style it, you've taken the shears out of my hands and I can't really do anything for you.

Not all hairstyles require a lot of time or maintenance but ALL hairstyles require at least SOME attention. I recently cut my hair short and it literally now takes me 5 minutes, including dry time to style. Short hair is not for everyone anymore than long hair. You need something that works for your lifestyle. I get that I do too.  You want something that compliments you. I TOTALLY get that. But, if you're not willing to even learn how to do a quick 2 strand braid, or add a few layers and use products to make your curl work for you, you've taken away all the options.

Have you considered having a smoothing treatment done to remove the natural wave? Perhaps then you would be more willing to add some layering and shaping around the face. Or, you could try some of the products designed for wavy/curly hair to use the wave you have to your advantage. By the way, surely your husband would prefer for you to be happy with yourself, and not inconvenienced over you keeping your hair long and problematic just to suit him. Would he not agree that you could wear your hair a bit shorter for now with the possibility of growing it a bit longer when the kids are a bit older and more self sufficient?

What I do with those clients that find longer hair to be more convenient for their lifestyle is, I teach them a half dozen or so ways to style it. Usually, all quick 5 minute twists and stuff like that and one a little more detailed for nights out with hubby. It sounds like that is going to be your best option until you're ready to let go of some of that length. Don't get me wrong. I know it's scary to make big changes. I have had grown women cry in my chair because they were getting 2 inches cut off of hair that went to their waist. I had long hair most of my life. I get it. I really do.

It sounds to me like you're really just not ready to change your hair. Start perusing photos on the web. Do a search for images of hairstyles for round faces and save the ones you like. Also search wavy hair. Eventually, you'll be ready to make some changes, even if it's just to wear it up every now and then. Then, you can can start thinking about a more sophisticated style that actually feels like a style. Until you're ready, don't do it. You won't like it. As your kids get older, you'll probably have more time and energy to play. Thick, kinda wavy hair can be so much fun. In the meantime, check out some easy, casual up styles. And congratulations on the new baby.  


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