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Hi Dana~ I have a question about which shampoo and conditioner you might recommend for my hair. I have fairly long wavy/curly hair. It is color treated and tends to get dry and frizzy and damaged looking no matter what shampoo and conditioner I use. I try to always use  hydrating or moisturizing  products,but still  don't get the results I'm looking for. Recently I started losing ALOT of hair each time I shampoo ( 1-2 times per week). The last person to color my hair blamed the hair loss and frizz on the shampoo I am currently using (pantene)~ problem is that I don't know if she is correct or just trying to sell me "her" line of products. What would you suggest I use to get the best curl with the least frizz?
Also, I do use a curl enhancer/frizz reducing creme after I wash my hair.
Thanks for your help.......

Hi Dawn,

Well, without knowing what your hairdresser is recommending, I can't tell you if she's just trying to sell you something or if you really need it. But, I CAN tell you what might work and what might be causing your issues.

First of all, it's the curse of curly hair to be dry. Everywhere the hair bends, the cuticle is raised. This causes dryness, frizz and breakage. For curly hair, you need moisturizing products and smoothing products to help seal the cuticle down and make the hair less likely to pull moisture out of the air.

You also have color treated hair. For color treated hair, you need protein. Protein rebuilds and strengthens hair while moisture makes it soft and supple. Moisture does NOT correct or repair. It will make your hair look and feel better but damage has to managed from inside the hair shaft, closer to the cortex.

As far as the hair loss is concerned, your hair is either falling out or breaking off. Those are two different things and without being able to see your hair, I can't tell you which problem you have. However, there are certain times of the year, where you will lose a bit more hair than average. Likewise, there will be times when it grows faster or slower, etc. If your hair is actually falling out, unless it's a hereditary thing and many of the women in your family have a history of thinning hair, it's more likely that it's an internal issue and not an external one. Internal, meaning stress, health, diet medication, etc. There are many things that can cause hair to thin and when the  balance is restored, your hair grows back.

I suspect that your hairdresser assumes it's your shampoo because Pantene is really one of the least favorite of over the counter shampoo's among my peers. Over the counter products often have bees wax to assist with smoothing the hair. In the beginning it may work pretty well. But, what happens is, it starts to build up on the hair. This can not only make your hair heavy and resistant to other treatments, but it can also clog pores. Clogged pores can impede hair growth. That, at least, is the general thought process.

If your hairdresser is suggesting products that contain both protein and moisture, address your color treated hair and the curls/waves and the dryness they cause, then she's trying to share with you ways to care better for your hair and protect your hair care investment.

It is possible that she just wants to sell you some shampoo. But my immediate thought on that is, if you don't trust her to give you good advice based on her expertise and experience, why do you go to her in the first place? I'm sure she's explained to you what the products she's recommending will do for your hair, why you need them and how to use them. If she hasn't, feel free to ask her as many questions as you can. By the way, professional shampoos last much longer than the store bought products do. They are very concentrated, and when you're using the right ones, your hair will be easier to style, care for and your color will last longer.

I tell all my clients what I use on their hair, how to use it and why. If they want to buy what I use on them, great. If not, that's ok too. But I would feel very uncomfortable knowing that my clients just thought I was trying to push products on them. Many of my clients DO buy what I use on them because they like the results they see when I'm finished working on their hair. What usually surprises them is that they don't have to buy them once every 3 to 4 weeks because they last so much longer, and their hair continues to improve.

Something you might consider is asking your stylist for some samples so you can use the products she's recommending for a week or so and then compare. That way, if you don't see a measurable difference, you can go back to what you were using before.

I will also tell you, that my color service clients, end up paying more for their services if they use over the counter products. 1 - because I have to prepare the hair with a clarifying/protein treatment and the dry the hair before I can do the color service. This makes the service take longer. I charge for the time and products. Also, they have to come in more often, because the color fades faster. (The FDA requires a stripping agent in every shampoo sold over the counter. They don't care what is used, or how much. Just that it's in there. And therein lies the need for the bees wax, by the way.) Anyway, if fades your color faster. So, those clients need their hair colored more often, and have to have the ends refreshed every time. Again, more product, more time = higher charge and more often.

So, the long and short of it is, you need a product with both protein and moisture. I like AG Hair Cosmetics, Redken, Joico and Matrix. Not necessarily in that order and there are many more I like but those are the ones I suggest most often. I can't really make specific recommendations because I don't know enough about your hair. What I can tell you is, if you have color treated AND wavy/curly hair, grocery store shampoo is not doing you any favors. By the way,If you don't trust your hairdresser to have your best interests in mind, I'd find another one. Lot's of hairdressers can do a nice color or cut. Find one you like and trust.

By the way, Redken just came out in the last year with a new line called Curvaceous. It's not only color safe, but it's designed for curly hair and it's a progressive, meaning the longer you use it, the better your hair will get. My curly girls love it.  

Good luck, dana  


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