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Hello! I used to have long, straight hair. I recently got it cut and layered, and now when it dries it's wavier than I like. Is there a product I can put in it that will keep it straighter? I don't really know anything about hair styling. Thank you!

Hi Amber!

There are products that lead you to believe they will keep your hair straight for a specific period of time. The truth is, they don't. It is all a marketing technique. If your hair is wavy, its wavy, no product will correct that, however there are treatments that help it. To keep the straight apperance, when your hair is wet, blow-dry it in layers without any sprays and products, simply use a little hot water it a spirtz bottle and spray from root-tip. Dry your hair in layers, with a flat brush, not rounded and dry your hair straight. This contribues to how the hair will remain throughout the day after styling. Proceed onto straightening the hair, only after it has cooled down from the blow-drying. After you have straighted in layers, use a finishing product. Normally, the consistency of these products is a shiny, sticky gel which should be rubbed through the finger tips until heated and goo-ey, tip your head upside down and run your finger tips through the hair.

If all else fails, there is a technique which is done throughout repuitable hair salons in the states and Europe known as chemically straightening. It is the same technique and products used for perming, however rather than curling the hair, it is straighted.

Good luck.



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