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HI.  I am a professional hair stylist and have a color question.

My client came with with (SUPER thick) long blonde hair (which had only been patrial weaved.  SO the underneath and her regrowth was a level 7 with the rest being heavily weaved.  She brought in a picture of a REALLY blonde pixie where the base was colored as well.  She told me to error on the side of too blonde.  Here is the forumla I used:

I first colored her roots with 40 volume 11P, Blonding Cream, and Blonding Cream ASH, Then weaved over the top Oxycur with 20volume.  I pulled down between the foils 11P and just Blonding cream feathering it down a bit.   

She said it is too blonde and says the top looks like I painted straight bleach on.  :(
What can I do?


Sounds like u need to low lite a bit  by the roots. Maybe with 8n with 10 vol.
I would love to see a pic of this head.
My phone is 917 716 8121.
Text me a pic when she is back and we can proceed from there.
Maybe there is an easier fi x.


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