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I recently went from a natural hair style to a geri curl. My hair comes out when ever I wash it or put moisturizer on it. What can I use to stop my hair from falling out?

Hi Lettie,

The first thing you have to figure out is what's causing the hair loss. Did it start right after the chemical process? Did you get it done professionally and by someone who is experienced with curls? Was it over processed? Are you experiencing any type of stress?  Also, the products used for curls are so moisturizing, that usually alleviates the dryness that can cause hair loss or breakage. Are you using the recommended products? It could be that the chemical was too strong for your hair and weakened it. I would suggest to use moisturizing products and get protein treatments to help strengthen the hair. You can also take hair vitamins that provide essential nutrients the body needs to promote healthier and stronger hair. I would also suggest an appointment with your doctor to rule out anything internal.  


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