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QUESTION: Do hair stylists basically try to find the best possible options for someone as far as hair is concerned, or do they consider all options? I have been going bald since age 27 and it has been killing me inside. I am 32 and have been thinking about shaving my head for a long time, but all the people who have cut my hair have said I shouldn't do that yet, and give no indication of when the time should be. At what point would a hair person tell someone that shaving their hair off is a perfectly viable option? I am not saying I think I would look good bald, but I feel like I look 45 or older with the giant bald spot I have, and no matter who I find to cut my hair they don't seem to realize that I want to look as young as I want to feel. Otherwise there is no reason for me not to stick a fork in myself. How can I know I am not getting biased information? And when I get my hair cut with this latest person she spends a whole hour working out every detail as if I am some great puzzle she needs to figure out. If it takes that long to know what looks best for me can't I assume I'm screwed and even a week's worth of hair growth will ruin the whole thing? Do I need to find a male stylist? Would that make any difference?

ANSWER: James,
 My apology for the delayed response. I was away. No stylist can tel you the right time to shave your head. This is a purely personal choice. I have clients with full heads of hair who shave it for convenience and as part of a look they like. I have others who are bald on top and choose not to shave and also look fine. I also have clients who neither want to look thin or bald, or shave their head. These clients get hair replacement systems. Some now are so natural looking that someone sitting across a dinner table from you wouldn't know you're wearing it.
As for the stylist, no man's haircut should take an hour. This is someone who is just a crazy slow worker or is trying to make sure they earn their money. You may want to find another stylist.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)

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QUESTION: Well I'd say the whole process including shampooing takes an hour. Do you think a male cutting my hair would be a better idea? I assumed getting a woman to do it would have them keep in mind a woman's point of view of men who are losing their hair, and how best to make a guy look good despite it. I've surveyed women, and when all else is equal they'd choose the guy with complete coverage, so it is as big a deal as anything else as far as getting women to give a guy a chance. But all that have cut my hair seem to think I enjoy looking older than I am. Some have said I look 25, and others 35. I'd prefer to look 25 hair-wise, and I will not consider hair restoration because there are too many horror stories including the multiple procedures done on the head of the doctor I went to see for Propecia which had given me suicidal thoughts and had set me back way too much money to only be thrown out. The science is not there yet. Why can't someone who cuts hair know the best time to shave it all off? There has to come a point when it needs to be maintained so low that it would simply save money to shave it versus getting a haircut every week?

ANSWER: James,
 A few things here. It should take no more than about a half hour for your cut, including shampoo, generally speaking. While some take more or less time, an hour is a ridiculous waste of time for you and the stylist, unless they are charging ridiculous prices to do it, and even then that amount of time would be patronizing rather than actually productive or necessary.
 When I mentioned hair replacement I was not referring to  surgical hair restoration, but systems (hair pieces, if you will) that look extremely natural now and can give you the look you want.
 As I said before, no one can tell you the right time to shave your head. Only you know when it's right for you. That's like someone telling you when it's right for you to eat a meal. Only you know when you're hungry. As for getting it cut every week, NO ONE needs that. Your cut should be necessary every 3-5 weeks depending on growth and style, but NOT every week.
 Again, the decision and timing for shaving your head, if ever, can only be made by you and there is no firm basis for discerning the best time. It's just a matter of when YOU think it's time.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)

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QUESTION: I was talking to one guy who shaves his head and in order for it to look unformed he says he needs to shave it twice a week. So why wouldn't a hair cut when that short be necessary weekly when getting that low? It would be an easier decision if I could pay a professional to do it often for far less than the cost of a hair cut since it would need to be done far more often and with little articulation. I would sooner get hair transplants than a tuppee. I am hoping stem cell research really kicks in to high gear so that option is available as it seemed very promising. She charges $20 for a hair cut, which to me seems high, but than again everything is expensive these days and my income by no means has gone up since I was young. :( Again, how would I know the best time to shave my head? I don't even have a clear view of the actual shape of my head from the point of view of another human being, nor know how weird it might look to see the bald spot that isn't growing hair and still notible stubble elsewhere. I expect some sizes of bald spots would look better than others. I have no idea what is fashional these days. I think bald heads have become much more popular in recent years, but I have seen some heads that didn't appropriate for being bald. I'd like to learn from the experience of a stylist that sees many people who shave their hair off at different points, and the following results from it. If I decide to shave my head too soon it will bring attention to my hair loss from the action of shaving it, and I don't want to have to grow it back out afterwards as if I was apart of a fad, or if I wait too late it would be as if I missed out on the chance to look my best, and possibly miss out on opportunities to leave good impressions on important people in my life. I really want an expert to tell me when it is an option. So far they've told me it's not the right time. Male stylist better?

 You are definitely over thinking this. If you do decide to shave your head for a style perspective, if you decide you don't like it in 4 weeks you'l have almost a 1/2 inch of growth, so it's not monumental life changer in that respect. This way also you may find the length you like best on you.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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