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golden lengths
golden lengths  

So far, my DIY going-Blonde-at-home-project went very well. But now, I reached a point where help on the web is hard to find, so I'm very looking forward to hearing your opinion.
First of all, a little hair history:
My natural color is a dirty dark blonde (about a level 6) and I have straight, shoulder-long hair. I started dying it with the age of 15 and went from red to black which I kept for the most part of my young years. With 20, I decided to go blonde with help of a hair stylist. She put highlights in my hair and over time my hair got lighter and lighter. I kept this for about a half year, but then decided to go dark again. So, I dyed it in dark brown tones and went lighter with time. I ended up with a nice lighter brown with red tones in it, as I dyed my hair with henna about a year ago. After the henna treatment, I just continued using a hair dye from time to time to freshen the color up. About 2 month ago I lightened my hair gradually with only hydrogen peroxide until I eventually bleached my hair about a month ago (Roux bleach powder with 30% developer).
To remove brassy and orange tones in my lengths I toned my hair with a beige toner with 8% developer (both by solfine). The roots and about the following 2 inches of hair had a nice cool ash/platinum tone. I let the toner fade and bleached my lengths again. But I wasn't happy with the bleach product I used this time (icecream bleach powder with 20% developer) and also the result didn't differ much from the before. After this bleaching process I used L'oreal's color corrector for brassy tones and it surprisingly worked very well, but again I had a lot of golden tones in my lengths and the roots with about 4 inches of length had the desired color. I assume I have to bleach the remaining light golden lengths again to get the pale yellow banana shade, so I can successfully tone it in my desired color. Is this correct?
Furthermore, I'm using purple shampoo and I even let it sit for about an hour to remove golden tones which was only a small success.

I'd be more than happy to hear your professional advice. For reference, I'll attach a picture of my hair.

Thank you!

ANSWER: I'm not really sure what your question is.

First of all, I have to tell you what I tell everyone. I do not recommend coloring hair at home. It's much too late for that now! LOL

Hair is very similar to silk. If you lighten your hair too many times, all the conditioner in the world isn't going to fix it. I can't tell from the photo much about the condition of your hair now so I can't really advise you as to whether you should lighten it again or not.  

I can tell you that purple shampoo is designed to stick to color that is already in your hair to prevent it from looking too yellow, but it isn't really designed to tone out warmth on its own. You provably could use a demi color, preferably something with no developer in it to get rid of the rest of the warmth.  

I'm hesitant to tell you to lighten it again simply because your hair is only going to take so much before you hydrolyze it and then the only thing that will fix it is a pair of shears. Are you doing any kind of conditioning treatments? What's your daily routine? What products are you using it it? What condition is it in now?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thank you for your quick response. The condition of my hair is quite healthy. Even with all the treatments it underwent. I condition it with pure coconut oil every two to the days and let it sit for the entire day and even night. I also tried an argan oil treatment, but I was more happy with the results from the coconut oil. I Wah my hair every two days with purple shampoo and conditioner. Then blow dry and sometimes use hair spray.
Yes, my hair had dry ends, but the oil helped a lot to keep the damage to a minimum. Also, I'm prepared to go to a salon and get the dry ends cut off once my hair reached the desired color.
I'm sorry if the question wasn't clear. I'll try to put it in other words. My question is how to remove the yellow in the lengths of my hair. As you can see in the picture the top of my head isquite light and the lengths have a golden yellow color.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.


Ah, ok, well, I think your only option is to lighten the ends and then tone them to match the cooler shade at the top.  I wouldn't  put lightener anywhere except where you see the gold. You may be able to use the Loreal color corrector again. Whatever you choose to use, only apply it to the warm ends. I would probably opt for a repeat of the Loreal.  


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