QUESTION: Hi, I've had my perm for about 3 months now. When I first got it, after getting out of the shower I didn't need any curling product because it was already very curly, now unless I put 2 different curling products in my hair, my hair will dry straight. Why is that??

ANSWER: Hi Rebekah,

There are a lot if things that can cause it and without knowing more, I can only speculate. Give me some more details.

What products are you using?
How do you wear your hair most of the time?
What is your routine when you shampoo?
How long and thick is your hair?
Do you put it up when it's wet or straighten it from time to time?
How curly was it when you got the perm? As in, was it spiral waves, big waves, very curly, etc?
Have you talked to your stylist about it?
Have you had it trimmed since you got the curl?

Your stylist should have given you some detailed instructions and specific products to use on your hair the get the most out of your texture service.

Here's the good news. If you can still get curl out of it by adding products, you may be able to have a clarifying treatment, followed by a protein treatment and a nice trim and the curls will pop right back in.  Keep in mind that certain types of texture services (perms) don't last much longer, especially if you have very thick or very long hair. I'm encouraged that you can still get curl with product. Answer those questions for me and anything else you can think of and we'll see if we can find you some great solutions.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Permed hair today on 8/7/2013
Permed hair today on 8  
QUESTION: Hi again! My hair is naturally very straight, that's why I wanted a perm. It is also very fine and thin. So when it was straight I never flat ironed it, only blow dried it on low heat so it wouldn't be frizzy. Now since I have to perm I just let it air dry, I love my curly hair so I don't straighten it either. What the stylist called my perm is a "piggyback perm" and when she was done I had Shirly Temple's hair. I have really bad dandruff so I have to use dandruff shampoo, I use Clear head and scalp dandruff shampoo and then a little bit of Pantene's anti breakage conditioner and I wash once every day and sometimes twice a day if its really oily that day. I leave my hair wrapped in a towel for about 5-7 min and then since its straight again when i come out of the shower instead of curly, i scrunch my Pantene no crunch curling whip and let it air dry. After I do my makeup and my hair is almost dry I spray in Got2Be curling spray and scrunch some more. After my hair is completely dry, it's soft beach waves with a slight bit of spiral, this was the type of perm I wanted in the first place actually...I've attached an image of what it looks like today. I have not talked to my stylist and yes I had it trimmed twice since I've gotten the perm

Ok, the dandruff shampoo might be a problem but if it were, your stylist should/would have said something about that. It sounds like a protein treatment or two will help by forcing out the excess moisture and adding strength but I think you need to discuss how the perm has fallen at this point. Your designer will have greater insight on this than I do because she'll be able to see it. If she simply needs to use a bit more aggressive formula next time or tweak the timing. Either way, I'd suggest going in and letting your designer take a look and see what her suggestions are.

The GOOD news is, it doesn't sound, nor does it look like  it's been over-processed so the solution should be on the easy side. :c)

By the way, I apologize for my late response. I missed this follow up in my que.



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